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10 Window Box Ideas for Your Home (1)

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Updated on 10/23/21

10 Window Box Ideas for Your Home (2)

Beauty sprouts outside your very window when you make and install these window boxes. Blooming with colorful annual flowers, perennials, or lush succulents, window boxes are those extra touches you've long desired to grace your home's exterior. Enjoy your boxes from inside, too, as the tops of gorgeous flowers and plants peek up just below the window frame.

The ultimate do-it-yourself project,window boxesare easy to make and require only the most basic tools to construct. Materials can be sourced from your local home improvement store, many even available in pre-cut sizes. If not, you'll find that most stores will cut the materials for you on-site, saving valuable time.

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    Lattice Window Box

    10 Window Box Ideas for Your Home (3)

    Many DIY window box designs depend on wood stripsfor their finishing touch. This delightful version from Pretty Handy GirlBrittany goes all the way with character by adding a grid of lattice across the front and sides. It's super durable, too, twice-over as the box is made with naturally weather-resistant cedar, plus the lattice is 1 1/2 inch wide weather-defying PVC (plastic).

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    Farmhouse-Style Window Box

    10 Window Box Ideas for Your Home (4)

    What better way to complement farmhouse-style board and batten shutters than with a matching window box? Traci from the home blog Beneath My Heart placed thin 2-inch wide poplar trim atop the​ also poplar board window box. This simple but effective touch gives the box a classic rail-and-stile look, similar to that of a Craftsman-style door.

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    Large Traditional-Style Window Box

    10 Window Box Ideas for Your Home (5)

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    Chelsea of the lifestyle blog Two Twenty-One, along with husband Brad, swiftly pulled together this clean sparse window box out of 3/4-inch pine purchased from Lowe's. They had a store associate cut three boards to 80 inches long by 7 1/4 inches wide. To eliminateyet another step, they even had the store cut two end caps at 7 1/4 inches by 7 1/4 inches.

    Painted and mounted on metal brackets to the home's brick exterior, these window boxes perfectly accent the white windows and casing. Best of all, these low-key boxes stand back and let the true stars of the show shine, that container garden favorite: brightly colored perennial calibrachoas.

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    Wood Pallet Design Window Box

    10 Window Box Ideas for Your Home (6)

    It was the perfect opportunity—when you want to DIY a window box for your house, and you just happen to notice a wooden pallet nearby, serendipity has spoken. From that wood pallet, the Deckers put together a 32-inch wide window box two boards high with a gap between the boards for drainage. To keep the soil in, they lined the box with a black window screen mesh. When the window box is filled with black potting soil, the mesh visually disappears.

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    Cedar Fence Window Box

    10 Window Box Ideas for Your Home (7)

    This petite and utterly adorable DIY window box is made from just one fence panel. That's right: the always-inventive Whitney at the blog Shanty 2 Chicused just a single cedar fence board to make this box. First, she began with a 24-inch plastic window box liner, then fashioned the box around that. Trim around the top and bottom of the box were added for artistic finishing touches.

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    Window Box With Corbels

    10 Window Box Ideas for Your Home (8)

    Capable of holding up to 160 pounds of plants and soil, this classic style DIY window box gains its strength from two hefty corbels, as well as the five thick lag bolts that attach the box to the house.

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    Dog-Eared Cedar Fence Style Window Box

    10 Window Box Ideas for Your Home (9)

    Raise the charm level to "high" by adding fence tops to your window box. This fence style with the corners lopped off is called dog-eared. Blogger Sara from The Aqua House cut off fence tops from standard 6-foot cedar fence boards, each piece 5 5/8 inches by 5 1/2 inches. Then she applied them to her 60-inch window box for a winsome, homey look.

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    Fancy Trimmed Window Box

    10 Window Box Ideas for Your Home (10)

    There is no easier way to fancy up your DIY window box than by adding fun trim. Make the molding and trim section of your local home center your oyster, and let your creativity run free. Jen of the blog iHeart Organizing started with inexpensive whitewood common boards (8 inches wide by 8 feet long). Then she gave the box a lovely, decorative touch merely by adding a strip of pine primed finger-jointed base cap molding across the top. A bead of glue and a few brad nails were all that were needed to attach the trim.

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    Chevron Pattern Style Window Box

    10 Window Box Ideas for Your Home (11)

    A soothing mixture of pastels graces this chevron patterned DIY window box. It began as a lifeless white box before its owner added painted wood stripes to the front, giving it a colorful second life.​

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    Antique-Style Window Box

    10 Window Box Ideas for Your Home (12)

    Use rustic, weather-worn wood to build your window box. Create a nautical look for your window box by applying anchors, shells, old skeleton keys, or anything antique and rusty.

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