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No plan? No problem. The Backroadz Truck Tent was built with the outdoors in mind. With its simple and secure setup, you can have a spacious shelter with over 5ft of headroom in minutes. The large door door makes entering a breeze, and with sewn in storm flaps and flooring, privacy and weather protection is never issue. For added water resistance, quickly throw on the included rainfly!

Note: During assembly, ensure the tailgate pole is set-up on the outside of the tailgate wires.




1 Year


Product Videos & Features

  • Spacious interior with ample headroom, comfortably sleeps 2 adults
  • Full rainfly and storm flaps in windows and door
  • Full tent floor to protect you from the elements
  • Gear loft, gear pocket, and lantern holder
  • 2 mesh windows and large entrance door offers optimal ventilation
  • A color-coded pole and sleeve assembly makes setup a breeze

Backroadz Truck Tent - Napier Outdoors - US (2)

* With every Backroadz tent purchased,a treeis planted through Trees for the Future.

Video: Napier Backroadz Truck Tent Review | Set-up | Gear Review | Water and Land Adventures

California Residents Prop 65 Warning: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. Less than 10% of this product contains a Prop 65 chemical.

  • Specs
  • FAQ


2 Persons


Truck model dependent

Center Height

4.8' - 5.2'


15 - 16lbs


Green & Gray

No. of Doors


No. of Windows


Video: Napier Backroadz Truck Tent Review

No. of Poles (Tent)

6 Shock Corded Fiberglass

No. of Poles (Awning)


Storm Flaps

Yes - Windows & Doors

Water Proofing

800mm PU Coating

Wall and Roof Material

Polyester Taffeta

Window Material

Polyester Mesh

Floor Material


Rainfly Material

Polyester Tafetta w/ Taped Seams

Rear Access Panel




Seasons for Use

Spring, Summer, Fall

Storage Room

Gear Loft, Gear Pocket, Lantern Holder


1 Year

Begin by measuring the bed of your truck with the tailgate closed. Our sizing guides will help you determine which tent is compatible with your truck. Our website also displays a sizing chart for your convenience.

No. Driving with the tent mounted to your vehicle may cause personal injury and/or damage to your tent and truck.

Yes. The tent will work with a sprayed, mat, or prefabricated liner.

Railings will work as long as they are less than 3” tall. Roll and sports bars must be removed.

No. Truck Tents will not work as long as the camper shell/cap is assembled. Napier SUV Tents are the best option as long as the height from the ground to the highest point of the cap window/door does not exceed 80”.

Please refer to theWarranty sectionon the website.

Yes. One person is able to set up a Napier Truck Tent, however we do recommend having assistance during the first set-up. The first set-up should take approximately 15 minutes and about 10 minutes each time thereafter. Each tent comes with set-up instructions and color-coded poles for easy assembly.

Yes. We recommend placing the tent over the toolbox to minimize the amount of water that could enter between the box and the tent. It is also recommended to cover the corners of the toolbox to protect the tent from ripping on sharp edges. Please note that you will lose the amount of space that the toolbox occupies.

Our truck tents will fit over Roll-Up Tonneau Covers if the rolled-up tonneau cover is less than 6” high

As long as the back rack does not intrude onto the rails of the truck too far, it should not impact the functionality of the tent. Please emailcustomerservice@napieroutdoors.comwith a photo or the exact model of your back rack to determine if the rack is compatible.

There is a one-year manufacturer defect warranty. Please consult theWarranty sectionon the website.

Our tents already have a water-resistant coating on them. However, the coating may wear down over time and you may want to spray a water repellent coating onto the tent and rainfly after a few years of use. For additional protection and product maintenance, you may wish to use a seam sealant on your tent.

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Video: Backroadz Truck Tent Tent Set Up by @that1kidkritter

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