Best 10 Free Mystery Box Websites in 2022 | Open a Case For Free (2022)

Discover our list of the 10 best Free Mystery Box Sitesin May 2022
Best 10 Free Mystery Box Websites in 2022 | Open a Case For Free (1)

Free Mystery Box SitesGames & FeaturesBonusesActivate Link
Mystery Boxes3 Free Boxes + 5% BonusActivate code – “HYPEHELLA”
CS:GO Mystery Boxes, Case Opening, Upgrade, Free Cases+5% for first deposit for FreeActivate code – “top100list”
Mystery Boxes, Products Shopget 20% more credits when depositing more than 20£Activate code – “HELLO20”
Unboxing, Mystery Boxes, Mystery Battlesget $0.55 for FreeActivate code – “GAMBLE-CSGO”
Unboxing, Mystery Boxesget 1 Box for FreeActivate code – “hellagood”
Best 10 Free Mystery Box Websites in 2022 | Open a Case For Free (7)Unboxing, Mystery Boxesget 1 Box for FreeActivate code – “goodhella”
Unboxing, Mystery Boxesget 1 Box for FreeActivate code – “hellagood”
Mystery Boxesbuy mystery boxes for a low pricesGet Mystery Box
Best 10 Free Mystery Box Websites in 2022 | Open a Case For Free (10)Mystery BoxesCheck out our mystery box selectionGet Mystery Box
Best 10 Free Mystery Box Websites in 2022 | Open a Case For Free (11)Mystery BoxesShop for Mystery BoxesGet Mystery Box

Best 10 Free Mystery Box Websites in 2022 | Open a Case For Free (12)

Wanting to find where you can purchase the best secret boxes on the web? Our rundown covers top of the line secret boxes sites in 2022. We genuinely suggest these sites if you want where it is feasible to open the best virtual plunder boxes with genuine prizes. All destinations in our TOP are tried, checked, and routinely inspected by our staff.

Partake for the situation opening in the correct manner.
Best 10 Free Mystery Box Websites in 2022 | Open a Case For Free (13)

What is a Free Mystery Box?

A secret box – is a lot of various things gathered in 1 case which you can open at a decent cost straightforwardly on the site (virtual secret boxes) or at home whenever it’s conveyed (genuine secret boxes). They can contain any scope of things from style garments to iPhones and different contraptions.

In case you are new to the entire pattern you may require a short review prior to picking the best site for the unpacking experience. So first and foremost, ensure you’re very much informed pretty much every one of the points of interest and traps. Assuming you might want to go to the profundity we recently covered all the required data in another article “What is a Mystery box”. You can likewise find many surveys on Trustpilot, online media, particularly Youtube. Simply ensure those are fair-minded feelings and not supported recordings.

Video: I Spent $300 On Mystery Box Websites... Here's What Happened

Best 10 Free Mystery Box Websites in 2022 | Open a Case For Free (14)

Online Mystery Boxes for Free with real prizes

Indeed, you as of now comprehend that with the virtual secret boxes you are relied upon to unpack directly on the site. The substance of a virtual box is generally one thing for every container when contrasted with not many things with the customary secret boxes. Subsequent to winning on a secret box site, clients can demand conveyance to your location or attempt different choices presented by the site.

Genuine virtual boxes are a mutually beneficial arrangement when in doubt. These cases look to restrict repetitive buys to something including. The secret chest unpacking (or case opening as it’s more known in the gaming local area) accessible on different sites including ones from our Top, likewise helps with bringing back that inestimable gaming feel. These sort of shock boxes are reasonable for everyone, except gamers (CS:GO or Dota 2 players) or nerds find out about them.

BestFree Mystery Box Sites in 2022

RatingWebsiteBonus codeClaim here
1stHypeDropHYPEHELLAGet 3 Free Boxes + 5% Bonus
2ndDatDroptop100listGet +5% for first deposit for Free
3rdJemLitHELLO20get 20% more credits when depositing more than 20£
4thDrakemallGAMBLE_CSGOget $0.55 for Free
5thLootiehellagoodget 1 Box for Free
6thHybehellagoodget 1 Box for Free
7thMysteryopeninggoodhellaget 1 Box for Free
8thAmazonhellagoodget 1 Box for Free
9thEtsyhellagoodget 1 Box for Free
10thWalmarthellagoodget 1 Box for Free

Somewhat more with regards to Real Boxes

Genuine secret boxes can be found all over the place: Amazon, eBay, Etsy, LootCrate, and other membership boxes locales. By requesting one of these astonishment boxes you will get a bundle with a few arbitrary things (they can be totally irregular, or have a place with explicit subjects like gaming or a specific brand). You will not know precisely what you get till you open the crate. The fundamental motivation to buy these cases is to get something important at somewhat cost paid. This way you can get garments, gadgets, tech stuff, gifts, and so on

Best 10 Free Mystery Box Websites in 2022 | Open a Case For Free (15)

Step By Step Instructions To Find The Best Free Legit Mystery Box Websites

There are a lot of secret boxes sites to pick from, and this by itself makes the most common way of finding an incredible one a scary undertaking. Hence, we were unable to stand to the side and finished all the difficult work for you. The best secret boxes sites offer a few classifications of bundles. This way clients can pick from the start with pattern adornments.

Over the long run, we have been trying and assessing various CS:GO open case, lootbox, and secret box sites. In light of the different tests and having thought about all advantages and disadvantages, we have made the rundown of the coolest secret box sites in 2021 incorporated from search data, usefulness, and prevalence. This rundown of top destinations was made and tried with our own Evaluation Methodology which incorporates next urgent attributes:

🟡 Security and Reliability – site deals with the wellbeing of installment choices and how solid such installment strategies are for clients.

Video: How To Get Unlimited Mystery Boxes On Hybe (Still Working)

🟡 Plan and User Experience – this choice endeavors the format of the page and effortlessness to explore through different secret box sites.

🟡 Client service and Communication with clients – this angle covers their accessibility and animation on informal organizations. How successful their client care is for clients and level of agreeableness during correspondence.

🟡 Scope of boxes and costs – here we assess the assortment of things accessible, their quality and worth to fulfill client’s need.

🟡 Conveyance – the conveyance choice covers choices accessible for conveyance of things, time span, and worldwide inclusion. That is the manner by which you can get your prize notwithstanding in case you are in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia or New Zealand.

So these are fundamental focuses you must remember while picking a genuine site for an unpacking experience. Drakemall, Hybe, Lootie, Hypedrop, and Unbox99 meet this load of prerequisites so you can have a sense of security as long as you adhere to any of those. At any rate we comprehend that every one of you may have your own inclinations and in this way characterized every one of these destinations for the reason it serves the best.

Best Mystery Website For First-Timers

Albeit all sites from the rundown give clients welcome rewards and free boxes, Drakemall stands apart because of its exceptionally engaging proposal to amount to 100% of your underlying store. Along these lines if you put 100$ you might wind up with an extra 100$. Thusly, you can purchase more boxes and win more prizes or simply purchase the one you were unable to manage previously.

One more motivation to pick Drakemall as your first secret box site is the base cost of the cases. Regardless of whether you are on a low spending plan or basically don’t have any desire to squander cash on something obscure you can purchase a container only for a dollar. Obviously, all things considered the opportunities to benefit are quite low yet basically you can test it without paying a fortune.
Best 10 Free Mystery Box Websites in 2022 | Open a Case For Free (16)

Best Gaming Mystery Box

The entire pattern came from the gaming business as we referenced before so no big surprise most places actually have a great deal of choices for gamers. We’d prefer to feature Drakemall here as a spot that has the most exceptional assortment of gaming boxes. Among which you can find PlayStation, Nintendo, Xbox, Console box, and so on


Shockingly enough the least expensive case here costs $1.79 and the most costly secret box is simply $28.49. That is to say, for the worth of its substance the cost is ludicrously low. So in case you’re a gamer searching for certain deals you certainly don’t have any desire to botch this opportunity.

Best Hypebeast Mystery Box

HypeDrop is an undoubted pioneer in regards to Hypebeast stuff all young people are so obsessed with. All things considered, they even brag to have just real things in their containers. Subsequently, HypeDrop gives you admittance to such renowned brands as Supreme, Nike, Louis Vuitton paying little mind to what total you have for you. Regardless of whether you buy a $15-box you get an opportunity to win new Balenciaga shoes or Supreme pack.

Tragically, we can’t guarantee you will however remember that Hypedrop as the rest sites from our rundown has an ensured payout to guarantee you don’t leave with basically nothing. So no less than an iPhone case or Supreme mug will make it dependent upon you.

Best Mystery Website With Clothing

Hybe offers the most stretched out choice of attire boxes. What’s more, in contrast with HypeDrop Hypebeast Balenciaga, Supreme, or Gucci yet some other fascinating novel assortments with gems, adornments, and streetwear. Among their accessible cases, you’ll see as even something exceptional for conventional destinations. For instance yoga assortment, K-pop, or Pokemon box. It’s kind of web based shopping when you really want simply a PC to get new tennis shoes. The main distinction is that secret box opening is more similar to video games than online stores. No one can really tell what item you get except if you unpack and uncover the outcome.

Best 10 Free Mystery Box Websites in 2022 | Open a Case For Free (17)

Best Electronics Mystery Box

You don’t should be informed that costs for every one of the devices are very high nowadays and the need to supplant every gadget occasionally doesn’t give you a very remarkable decision however to take a shot winning it as opposed to addressing the entire cost. What’s more, with regards to winning hardware we do lean toward the Lootie site.

There are something like 20 boxes just with Apple items not referencing other Hypebeast hardware both spending plan and premium choices. The costs for the crates start from $2.99 up to $49 contingent upon what is inside and the likelihood to benefit from the unpacking. Yet, regardless of whether you pay more to open secret boxes on Lootie it’s as yet less expensive than purchasing another iPhone in a store.

Free Mystery Box Promo Codes and Bonuses

After a couple of clues, you have effectively speculated that we do have some free secret box promotion codes and rewards to offer? All things considered, yes and you are fortunate to have run over this page!

Video: Which Website Has the BEST Mystery Boxes?

We are assessing these destinations, however we likewise need clients to encounter the conceivable outcomes accessible on the best plunder box locales. The unexpected box promotion codes and rewards are essential for our few giveaways for clients who are searching for or looking at the best secret box locales in 2021 or looking for top destinations to get everything rolling with! Attempt our promotion codes and other accessible rewards today to begin. We trust you get compensated at the earliest opportunity!

Best 10 Free Mystery Box Websites in 2022 | Open a Case For Free (18)


Would I be able to trade my rewards if I don’t care for what I get?

If you adhere to the secret boxes destinations from our rundown we can guarantee that you certainly can. You simply sell your prize with a little commission paid and utilize this cash to turn more.

What amount of cash do I have to purchase a secret box?

The costs for boxes start from as low as 0.99$ which makes it more than reasonable. Particularly considering that every one of the referenced locales offer extraordinary greeting rewards. Furthermore, you do have our reward to make it significantly more beneficial.

Are these secret boxes genuine?

Sad to report yet there are some exploitative individuals out there. That is the reason we shared every one of the sites we trust and necessities you should check prior to going in for another site.

What is a dependable worth?

On genuine secret box sites when you purchase a container for suppose $5 you will undoubtedly win something actually worth $5.

Best 10 Free Mystery Box Websites in 2022 | Open a Case For Free (19)

Partake In Your Mystery Boxing

We trust you track down our chose top destinations accommodating. Likewise, make sure to attempt our reward code since we don’t need just to furnish you with the surveys yet additionally ensure the best insight from this new diversion. Just as make it productive and valuable for you.

Video: $9000 Online Hypebeast Mystery Box WINS! - Gucci Louis Vuitton Xbox Series S

With these tips and suggestions, you ought to experience no difficulty tracking down the best site from our arrangements of the best 5 Mystery Box locales!

Most TrustedFree Mystery Box Sites:

  1. HypeDrop 1️⃣🔝

  2. DatDrop 2️⃣💝

  3. Drakemall 3️⃣💎

  4. Lootie 4️⃣✅

  5. JemLit 5️⃣⬆️

  6. Hybe 6️⃣⬆️

  7. Mysteryopening 7️⃣

  8. Amazon 8️⃣

  9. Etsy 9️⃣

  10. Walmart 🔟


Which mystery box is the best?

Best Mystery Box Subscriptions for Amateur Sleuths:
  • Best Murder Mysteries: Hunt A Killer.
  • Best Adventure Mysteries: Finders Seekers.
  • Best Mysteries to Gift: The Deadbolt Mystery Society.
  • Best Detective Mysteries: Sleuth Kings.
  • Best Historical Mysteries: Madmen & Heroes.
  • Best Escape Room Mysteries: Escape the Crate.
Sep 27, 2021

How do you get free Lootie boxes?

Lootie promo/referral codes list:
  1. hellagood – Activate Code Now for 1 free box.
  2. hella-good-marketing – Activate Code Now for 1 free box.
  3. arsene-smith – Activate Code Now for 1 free box.
  4. david-robson – Activate Code Now for 1 free box.
  5. hellago – Activate Code Now for 1 free box.

What is HypeDrop?

HypeDrop is an online mystery box website that anyone above the age of 18 can use. There are, however, a few factors that make HypeDrop unique. First of all, you don't have to wait till the delivery of the virtual box to know what's inside.

Is hybe unboxing real?

Verified authenticity

All high-tier products are independently reviewed and verified by third-party partners for guaranteed authenticity.

Should you buy a mystery box?

Mystery boxes are more of a 'gag gift' or fun item – you shouldn't rely on them to get items you absolutely need. Even the best mystery boxes may not contain what you need or want, so it could be a total waste of money.

How do Murder Mystery boxes work?

Murder Mystery Box is quarterly, so every few months, you receive a “curious box” that gives you an adventure to follow to solve a crime. You'll receive an object (a journal, case file, personal log, diary, or similar) that summarizes the crime that's been committed.

Is Lootie shipping free?

If you have unboxed an item, there are no further payments needed. We will ship the product to your home for free. No hidden fees. 12 Is Lootie legit?

Is Lootie fair?

Lootie's mystery box unboxings are provably fair. This means that the odds of receiving an item displayed on the site are accurate, and you can mathematically verify this fact.

How do I get my money from Lootie?

Every time someone opens the mystery box you created, you will receive money on Lootie deposited directly into your account. The amount you get is based on the affiliate commission that you select – for example, if you select an affiliate commission of 1.5% and the box price is $200, you'll get $3 for every unboxing.

What is hype box?

Headlined by Supreme, Nike and Bape, this collection has been purpose-built for hypebeasts. Also included are super rare collabs like a Bape x Adidas snow jacket and NikeLab x Off-White tee. But the jewel in the crown? The Nike Dunk Low 'Varsity Red' sneaker.

Who owns hype drop?

Yiqi Tay - Co-Owner - Hypedrop | LinkedIn.

How old do you have to be to play HypeDrop?

By visiting, accessing, and/or using any part of HypeDrop, you certify to us that (a) you are eighteen (18) years of age or older, and are at least the age of majority in your jurisdiction, (b) you have the legal capacity to enter into and agree to these Non-EU Terms of Service, (c) you are using the Services freely, ...

Is HYBE a Bighit?

HYBE (formerly Big Hit Entertainment) is a Seoul, Korea based music company that is home to global K-pop superstars, BTS. The company was founded in 2005 by Bang Si-hyuk, who continues to run the business today.

Is Bighit and HYBE same?

Big Hit announced its rebranding into an entertainment lifestyle platform company under the name Hybe Corporation in March 2021.

Can you trust HYBE? is the platform where you can purchase goods. This is a fun and authentic way of purchasing goods and any customers from different parts of the world can purchase them. But you may be wondering if this site really pays and it's legit. Well, you have come to the right place for your curiosity.

How many items are in an Amazon Mystery Box?

In total, Quicklotz promises exactly 100 items being in every mystery box. These items in the box can include clothing, home decor, electronic gadgets, watches, jewelry, houseware, and other similar accessories of smaller sizes that can fit in a box.

Is it legal to sell mystery boxes?

While they are not disallowed altogether, you must follow some simple (but strict) guidelines to avoid putting your account in jeopardy. eBay allows sellers to list and sell mystery boxes. However, mystery boxes that resemble a raffle or random lottery are not allowed.

Can you withdraw from HypeDrop?

With HypeDrop, there's always a chance to win. Crypto Withdrawal - You can even withdraw the value of your unboxed item in crypto currency, to your dedicated crypto wallet. And if you want to top up your account, you can do so with crypto too.

How long does a murder mystery box take?


For a single box you can play in 2-10 hours, shop Premium games.

Who is Viola vane?

Viola Vane is a 23 year old Broadway Actress. She first started acting at the age of 7 years old but her big break was when her mother Olga Gina introduced Viola to George Erickson (Previous owner of Cadence Theater) and Ira Adler.

How much does Hunt A Killer cost?

Shipping in the continental U.S. is free for all of our subscription plans. Our quarterly membership is $99.00 and renews every three months. If you choose this plan, one Hunt A Killer season costs $198.00 in total, or $33.00 per episode. You can cancel your membership at any time.


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