Best 10 Mystery Box Websites in 2022 | Open Your Lucky Box Now (2022)

Check out our list of the 10 best Mystery Box Sitesin May 2022 (Updated on May 2022)

Best 10 Mystery Box Websites in 2022 | Open Your Lucky Box Now (1)

Mystery Box SitesGames & FeaturesBonusesActivate Link
Mystery Boxes3 Free Boxes + 5% BonusActivate code – “HYPEHELLA”
CS:GO Mystery Boxes, Case Opening, Upgrade, Free Cases+5% for first deposit for FreeActivate code – “top100list”
Unboxing, Mystery Boxesget 1 Box for FreeActivate code – “hellagood”
Best 10 Mystery Box Websites in 2022 | Open Your Lucky Box Now (5)Unboxing, Mystery Boxesget 1 Box for FreeActivate code – “goodhella”
Mystery Boxes, Products Shopget 20% more credits when depositing more than 20£Activate code – “HELLO20”
Unboxing, Mystery Boxes, Mystery Battlesget $0.65 for FreeActivate code – “GAMBLE-CSGO”
Unboxing, Mystery Boxesget 1 Box for FreeActivate code – “hellagood”
Mystery Boxesbuy mystery boxes for a low pricesGet Mystery Box
Best 10 Mystery Box Websites in 2022 | Open Your Lucky Box Now (10)Mystery BoxesCheck out our mystery box selectionGet Mystery Box
Best 10 Mystery Box Websites in 2022 | Open Your Lucky Box Now (11)Mystery BoxesShop for Mystery BoxesGet Mystery Box

Best 10 Mystery Box Websites in 2022 | Open Your Lucky Box Now (12)

Best 10 Mystery Box Websites in 2022 | Open Your Lucky Box Now (13)

Best 10 Mystery Box Websites in 2022 | Open Your Lucky Box Now (14)

Surprise moment! Do you still know the surprise bags from earlier? The trend is back. More and more providers such as Amazon, Ebay, Saturn, Media Markt and co are offering so-called “mystery boxes”.

These are surprise boxes that you can buy and don’t know what’s inside beforehand. There are also the Unboxing Lucky Boxes, where with luck you can get something really good. All boxes also at: Mystery Box

What are Mystery Boxes?

We all love surprises! On birthdays, for example, it is usually the case that the presents are packed in bright colors and nobody really knows what might be in them.

Video: I Spent $300 On Mystery Box Websites... Here's What Happened

Best Mystery Boxes Sites 2022

RatingWebsiteBonus codeClaim here
1stHypeDropHYPEHELLAGet 3 Free Boxes + 5% Bonus
2ndDatDroptop100listGet +5% for first deposit for Free
3rdJemLitHELLO20get 20% more credits when depositing more than 20£
4thDrakemallGAMBLE_CSGOget $0.55 for Free
5thLootiehellagoodget 1 Box for Free
6thHybehellagoodget 1 Box for Free
7thMysteryopeninggoodhellaget 1 Box for Free
8thAmazonhellagoodget 1 Box for Free
9thEtsyhellagoodget 1 Box for Free
10thWalmarthellagoodget 1 Box for Free

What kind of Mystery Boxes are there?

With the Mystery Boxes on offer, it is not that easy to keep track of them always and up-to-date. Above all, this has to do with the fact that there are many mystery boxes only occasionally or only for a limited period of time. Other offers of this type are available monthly – or are drawn from all interested parties.

Nevertheless, there are various offers from Mystery Boxes below that may be of interest. However, no permanent availability or even completeness is guaranteed.

1. Mystery box: feel-good box

With the feel-good box, a mail-order pharmacy also offers a mystery box dedicated to health and the like. The number of feel-good boxes is always limited and it is not clear beforehand what is inside.

2. Mystery Box: brandnooz box

For several years now, brandnooz has been offering its own mystery boxes containing food. There are always new boxes and promotions – for example for chilled food (Coolbox), for Christmas or for other occasions. In advance, only the value of the goods is usually fixed and you can specify likes or dislikes (e.g. alcohol) – this will then be taken into account.

3. Mystery Box: Degusta Box

A similar principle is hidden behind the Degusta Box. Here, too, there are new food products and more for everything to do with the kitchen. The box is usually available monthly and you can order it by subscription.

4. Mystery Box: Black Box

For women there is the Pink Box, which is delivered to your home by subscription, and the Black Box is the small offshoot especially for men. It is offered once a year (currently) and is not available as a subscription. What exactly is in it? Nobody knows in advance.

5. Mystery Box: Nice for me box

The Schön für mich box is offered by a drugstore chain – and is only available in limited numbers. You can apply to buy the box and pay for it when you are drawn. It includes products for all aspects of beauty and beauty.

6. Mystery Box: Mystery glasses McDonalds

At the fast food supplier McDonalds there are currently collecting glasses in the menus again. There is also a separate mystery box to go with the program “The Masked Singer”, which contains one of two additional glasses. You only find out which one it is after opening it.

7. Mystery Box: My toy box

The box from My toy box is aimed at children. Parents can enter the age for this and a box with toys will be sent home every month. You can keep exciting toys at home and send them back in the next box – so you always have a variety of toys at home.

Buying mystery boxes online: experiences and tips

Mystery boxes arouse human curiosity and thereby generate increased interest. Nobody knows in advance what you will get – and that is exactly what makes it so attractive. Unboxing videos – small films in which mystery boxes are unpacked – are also very popular.

Video: Which Website Has the BEST Mystery Boxes?

There are mystery boxes for women, suitable offers for men, for cooking enthusiasts or for those who like to experiment. And children can also have their fun with matching Mystery Box offers.

With the boxes you can – regularly or just once – prepare a surprise and create little moments of happiness for yourself.

The fact that the range of mystery boxes is always different is also intentional. This creates additional scarcity and one is more tempted to look for the appropriate offer quickly. Because in many cases the following applies: once a Mystery Box is sold out, it stays that way.

In our site we listed most trusted Mystery Boxes sites. They are:

  1. HypeDrop 1️⃣🔝

  2. DatDrop 2️⃣💝

  3. Drakemall 3️⃣💎

  4. Lootie 4️⃣✅

  5. Hybe 5️⃣⬆️

  6. JemLit 6️⃣⬆️

  7. Mysteryopening 7️⃣

  8. Amazon 8️⃣

  9. Etsy 9️⃣

  10. Walmart 🔟

Types ofMystery Boxes

1. Mystery Box Fishing

Holy salvation! Anglers, watch out, there are also mystery boxes for anglers. These can be found e.g. on Amazon from Catch Co or at the online shop The subscription offer fromMyfishingbox, where you get a box with various artificial baits, blinkers and other utensils for a fixed monthly fee.

2. Mystery Box Women

Gradually, more and more niche boxes are coming onto the market in Germany. Mystery boxes for women can also be found recently on Amazon, Etsy or Monsterzeug. We suspect that there will be a lot more in the future

There will be offers and some beauty boxes for women will also emerge from the beauty segment. After the announcement of the closure of almost 10% of the Douglas stores, a lot of goods will be left behind.

So is the Douglas Mystery Box coming to Germany soon? We’ll keep you informed here.

3. Mystery Box Germany

The trend of the surprise bag was kissed awake in Germany in 2020 and will continue in 2022. Through social media like TikTok, where unboxing videos created excitement and likes,the demand for mystery boxes was fueled. With a TV report from Galileo on Pro7, the term became even more famous and many dealers see the chance to see their goods here

Sell ​​surprise effect to your target group.

4. Mystery Box Beauty

There are many remaining items in the beauty market in particular. There are a lot of samples, but also products that can only be sold for a certain period of time. Hence the Beauty Mystery Boxcertainly a good way of bringing B-goods, remaining stock and new brands to men or women. There will certainly be many new startups and offers in the field of perfume, cosmetics and co.

Video: I Bought The World's Largest Mystery Box! ($500,000)

Will Douglas, Schuhback, Parfumdreams and co. Jump on this bandwagon? We will report to you here as soon as there is news.

5. Mystery Box Burger King

At Burger King there was a “Burger King Mystery Box” at the end of 2019. In this promotion you could buy a box with a burger for € 2.99. Which burger was hiding in this boxwas the surprise. So there was a change in your menu and you had the opportunity to discover something new.

6. Mystery Box DM

The drugstore chains Rossmann, DM or Budni have already noticed the trend of the Mystery Box. It will not be known until spring 2022 whether there will be a DM Mystery Box soon.

7. Mystery Box Douglas

With the announcement of the closure of many Douglas branches in Germany and the focus on online trading, we are sure that there will soon be a Douglas Mystery Box.

We will then insert the link to the box here for you! There used to be a “Beauty Box” from – but this no longer exists.

8. Mystery Box eBay

If you search for Mystery Boxes on Ebay, you will quickly find it. Various shops as well as private individuals offer individually assembled boxes. Private sales of old Saturn and Media Markt Mystery Boxes can also be found here.

9. Mystery Box Experience

On Youtube and other reviews, buyers of Mysteriboxes always report good experiences. The value in the packages was reasonable and well above the price. The tension and surprise was good.

10. Mystery Box Fashion

There are already a large number of mystery boxes for high fashion and fashion abroad. The boxes, which cost up to € 1,000, contain various items of clothing from popular luxury brands such asOff White, Vetements, Balenciaga, Palm Angels, Adidas, Supreme, Hypebeast, Nike X Off White, Yeezy and many more.

Mystery box fashion is becoming more and more popular over time, and many online shops in the fashion sector are already planning sale campaigns here.

11. Mystery Box McDonald’s

The McDonals Mysterboy Box is also on everyone’s lips from time to time. But this does not mean the Happy Meal as a surprise bag for children,but the glasses that came with the orders in cardboard boxes. The surprise? Which glass is in my box!

Video: What will you find in an Amazon Mystery Box

There were different colors, e.g. colorful Mc Donalds glasses and a limited black glass with golden glitter units. The black and gold glasseveryone wanted to have. This is how the term “McDonalds Mystery Box” came about. We will keep you up to date as soon as McDonalds has the Mystery glasses on sale again.

12. Mystery Box Apple

Does Apple actually also have a technology mystery box with an iPhone, Ipad, Iwatch and the like? Due to Apple’s internal marketing and pricing strategy, there are actually no direct ones

Remaining stock boxes or mystery boxes from Apple. However, some unboxing providers, such as Lootie, offer so-called e-boxes. In these e-boxes you can for a stake of money.

Open a virtual box, e.g. with an iPhone, charging cables, stickers, Ipad and the like. A prize is randomly assigned to each user. With luck, the profit is well above the stake.

However, this is in gambling! If there is an Apple Mystery Box, you can find out first here at

13. Mystery Box Electronics

The mystery boxes with electronics are the forefather of these exciting surprise bags. This is how it all started: Media Markt, Saturn, as well as dealers on ebay and Amazon began,to offer their remaining stock, B-goods, inventory leftovers in whole packages at a fixed price, well below the RRP. The purchase of the goods by the dealer is of course much cheaper than thatretail price offered in the store. The branches and dealers created collection boxes with various electronic items or technology such as DVDs, kettles, tablets, cell phones,CDs, computer games, USB sticks, memory cards, USB gadgets, beauty products, charging cables and everything else from the electrical range and sold these for a fixed price, e.g. for 20 € with aWaiting value in the box of over €100 recommended retail price. The buyer is happy about the thrill of unpacking, whether he got a good deal, the selleris glad that he got rid of a lot of goods in one fell swoop. A similar principle is the auctioning of lost suitcases at the airport. Here, too, the attraction of the buyer is very high because it is simply excitingto know if, with luck, a little treasure is hidden in the suitcase.

14. Mystery Box Amazon

You can also buy an Amazon Mystery Box from Amazon. On the one hand, retailers offer their own boxes from different areas, such as beauty, electronics, gaming, etc. On the other hand, there was already an Amazon Mystery Boxwith returned goods from Amazon that were sold cheaply, but not in Germany. It is not yet known whether Amazon would like to bring out more such offers and remaining stock boxes in the future.

However, we suspect that due to the corona pandemic and the consequent significant increase in e-commerce sales, much more goods are left over or are returned that have to be sold quickly.

15. Mystery Box Adidas

The shoe manufacturer Adidas has already sold mystery boxes with Adidas products from specialist retailers. We are not aware of any direct action from the manufacturer. However, there are various e-box providerssuch as where you can win products from Nike or Adidas in a box.

16. Mystery Box on Account

Order a mystery box on account? In general, you should avoid placing orders on account, especially when it is not a question of basic requirements.
However, there is certainly the option to buy the boxes from some retailers who offer the invoice payment method.

Video: This Mystery Box Site Is Rated 5 Stars?!!! Best Mysterybox Site?!! Exploring Random Mysterybox Sites

17. Hypedrop

A provider of so-called e-boxes can be found at Similar to On the site you can buy a variety of mystery boxes, or you buy a round of “unboxing” and with luck, the chance of one of the items that are promised in the boxes. This is a game of chance and it is not certain that you will win more than you have wagered.

Boxes from Rolex, Supreme, Nike, Adidas, Apple, Nintendo, Louis Vuitton, Playstation, Mystery Box for gaming / gamers and many other promotions are offered.


Which mystery box is the best?

1. Hunt a Killer
  • Uncommon Goods. ...
  • Hunt A Killer. ...
  • Cratejoy. The Deadbolt Mystery Society Monthly Box. ...
  • Uncommon Goods. The Fairytale Files Interactive Murder Mysteries. ...
  • Cratejoy. Sleuth Kings Master Detective. ...
  • Cratejoy. Sleuth King Rookie Detective. ...
  • Cratejoy. Murder & Co. ...
  • Cratejoy. Killer at Large.
Mar 2, 2022

What is the biggest mystery box in the world?

In this video, Jimmy and the crew spend a grand total of $500,000 worth of mystery boxes, starting from the least expensive box ($100) to the largest and most expensive box in the world ($250,000).
Previous VideoNext Video
I Spent 50 Hours Buried AliveWould You Sit In Snakes For $10,000?
Mar 27, 2021

Is hybe unboxing real?

Verified authenticity. All high-tier products are independently reviewed and verified by third-party partners for guaranteed authenticity.

What is HypeDrop?

HypeDrop is an online mystery box website that anyone above the age of 18 can use. There are, however, a few factors that make HypeDrop unique. First of all, you don't have to wait till the delivery of the virtual box to know what's inside.

What websites sell mystery boxes?

TOP 5 places to buy boxes
  • Lootie. Verified Site. (4.9 out of 5) recommended. ...
  • Drakemall. Verified Site. (4.9 out of 5) recommended. ...
  • HypeDrop. Verified Site. (3.9 out of 5) 3 FREE BOXES & 5% DEPOSIT BONUS. ...
  • MysteryOpening. Verified Site. (3.6 out of 5) FREE BOX CODE: boxmystery. ...
  • Hybe. Verified Site. (3.5 out of 5)

How do you get free boxes on HypeDrop?

How to use Hypedrop Referral code?
  1. Register via Steam, Google or Facebook on
  2. After that click to “+” deposit button in the top menu.
  3. Write your code in field: “5% Bonus” and click “Apply” for receiving free boxes and +5% bonus.

What was in the Mr Beast Mystery Box?

Casey Neistat & more receive mystery boxes from MrBeast

In late January, a few top YouTubers in the space shared on social media that they'd received a mysterious package from MrBeast. Inside the packages are a blue, patterned box secured with a padlock, safely sequestering away whatever's inside.

What can I put in a mystery box?

Some ideas for your Halloween boxes include:
  • Dried apricots: ears.
  • Peeled grapes or olives: eyeballs.
  • Fuzzy pipe cleaners: spider legs.
  • Baby carrots: toes.
  • Steamed cauliflower: brains.
  • Popcorn kernels or elbow macaroni: teeth.
  • Candy corn: vampire's teeth.
  • Peeled tomato: heart.
Sep 10, 2021

What is Mystery Box?

A mystery box is a box that contains a special random product. Buyers are willing to pay a fixed price without knowing the content until they open the box. You might wonder why anyone would purchase such a product when they don't know what they're getting.

Is hybe a Bighit?

HYBE (formerly Big Hit Entertainment) is a Seoul, Korea based music company that is home to global K-pop superstars, BTS. The company was founded in 2005 by Bang Si-hyuk, who continues to run the business today.

Is hybe and Bighit same?

Big Hit announced its rebranding into an entertainment lifestyle platform company under the name Hybe Corporation in March 2021.

Is Enhypen under hybe?

Enhypen (Korean: 엔하이픈; RR: Enhaipeun; Japanese: エンハイプン; Enhaipun; commonly stylized in all caps) is a South Korean boy band formed by Belift Lab, a joint venture between CJ ENM and Hybe Corporation, through the 2020 survival competition show I-Land.

Who owns hype drop?

Yiqi Tay - Co-Owner - Hypedrop | LinkedIn.

How do I verify HypeDrop?

Customer identification and verification (KYC)

A copy of your passport, ID card or driving license, each shown alongside a handwritten note mentioning Please note that all four corners of the ID has to be visible in the same image and all details has to be readable.

Can you withdraw from HypeDrop?

To withdraw, the product must be available in your cart. First, access the top-up section in your cart to view the 'withdraw' tab; then, select your products, ensure that your address is entered correctly, and request your withdrawal.

Does eBay allow mystery boxes?

Mystery items or listings that offer an opportunity to win an item by chance or contest are not allowed on eBay.

What is the box game?

What the box is an Online Multiplayer shooter in which players control living boxes hiding amongst regular boxes while trying to destroy each other. Run around with your trusty box cutter in hand or stand still and wait for the perfect moment to strike!

How do you sell a mystery box on poshmark?

Poshmark Selling Tips: #18 | Mystery Boxes! - YouTube

How do you make money on HypeDrop?

To really make a profit from HypeDrop, it's up to you to use the information we've given you and start looking at the profit potential from each box, along with the chance of unboxing each individual item within.

How do you level up HypeDrop?

We've introduced a Level Up System where you can earn the chance to open Daily Free Boxes and earn a random amount of credit. The way it works is that with each mystery box you open, you'll earn points towards the next level, which will now appear in your account.

How old is Karl Minecraft?

Karl Jacobs (born: July 19, 1998 (1998-07-19) [age 23]), formerly known as GamerBoyKarl, is an American YouTuber and Twitch streamer known for participating in MrBeast's challenge videos. He is also a member of the Minecraft server Dream SMP.

Is MrBeast YouTube appropriate for kids?

The humour is quite mature, and there is some beeped out swearing.

How many money does MrBeast have?

As of 2021, MrBeast's net worth is estimated to be $8 million (thanks, Wealthy Gorilla). With the amount of money that MrBeast spends on his bold stunts, it's hard to believe that he could be making any funds for himself.

How do you make a feel box?

To make a feel box of your own you will hide tupperware bowls or baggies full of various regular household items inside a box. Each item or food meant to feel like something spooky. For example, closing your eyes and putting your hand in a bowl of peeled grapes could feel like eyeballs.

How do you make a mystery box in Minecraft?

How to Make a Working Mystery Box in Minecraft - YouTube

What do you put in a touch and feel box?

Here are some ideas:
  1. Peeled grapes for eyeballs.
  2. Wet sponge for brains.
  3. Carrot sticks for fingers.
  4. Flour tortilla for skin.
  5. Crumbled potato chips for scabs.
  6. Peeled tomato for heart.
  7. Pumpkin seeds for fingernails.
  8. Noodles for guts.
Aug 31, 2021

Who invented the mystery box?

Mystery Tackle Box
FoundedChicago, Illinois (2012)
FounderRoss Gordon
Area servedUSA and Canada
4 more rows

Where is mystery box in Binance?

Users can find their Mystery Boxes via Binance NFT Marketplace > User Center > Mystery Box.

How do you open the mystery box Binance?

How to claim my KYC Mystery Box?
  1. Alternatively, after your account is verified, you can go to Binance NFT Marketplace and click [User Center] - [Mystery Box] to claim.
  2. You will see the claimed Mystery Box under [Mystery Boxes] - [Binance KYC Mystery Box]. ...
  3. Click [Open Box] on the pop-up window.
Nov 22, 2021

Does Big Hit have a girl group?

Big Hit new girl groups:

It won't be long before Big Hit is ready to debut a new girl group, according to the company they've already found their trainees and the girls are getting ready to debut in 2021.

What was BTS first Billboard #1 single?

Fake Love. BTS' third album 'Love Yourself: Tear' released and gave them their first-ever Number 1 on the Billboard 200. The lead single from the album 'Fake Love' became BTS' first Top 10 hit. The song later topped many charts, around the world.

Is Blackpink under HYBE?

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK IN YOUR KOREAN is the latest and fourth installment of HYBE EDU's Learn Korean series.

What agency is BTS?

2005–2020: Big Hit Entertainment

That year, Bang Si-hyuk signed RM as the first member of BTS and launched nationwide auditions to recruit other members of the group—BTS made their debut under Big Hit on June 13, 2013.

Is ENHYPEN popular?

Even without any music released, Enhypen have become one of the world's most popular K-pop groups – the members' official Twitter, Instagram and YouTube accounts each have well more than 1 million followers.

Are Big Hit and YG Friends?

YG Entertainment and Big Hit Entertainment have formed a joint strategic partnership to further improve both agencies. According to the press release shared by YG Entertainment, they have formed a strategic partnership with Big Hit Entertainment and will cooperate in various forms.

Why did ENHYPEN disband?

They were active until 2014, when they disbanded due to a controversy over one of the members, Kim Da-hee, who was sentenced to prison following accusations of blackmailing actor Lee Byung-hun.

Why Big Hit changed their name?

Chairman Bang Si- Hyuk claims, “I felt the need of a new company name that could encompass all the business realms that we carry out and be a symbol for our connecting and expanding structure.”

Who in ENHYPEN was a Big Hit trainee?

ENHYPEN member Heeseung

He's been a trainee for a few years already, and is close with the TXT members from his time training with them at Big Hit. He's trained in vocals, rap, and dance — as the most experienced member of the group he will either act as the center.

How much does it cost to get to level 100 HypeDrop?

When you get to Level 100, your guaranteed Daily Free Box comes in at a minimum of $90. Your Daily Free Boxes renew every 24 hours, and cost $0 to open. If you want to climb levels faster, to unlock more of our Daily Free Boxes, you can buy XP via your profile.

Does HypeDrop deliver?

We often get comments from new users asking us if HypeDrop actually does deliver on unboxed items. We get it, since sometimes the high-end products from the lower-priced boxes might seem a bit too good to be true. But the short answer is that yes, we do deliver - and the long answer is one you're about to find out.

What is Dripdraw?

Dripdraw is a brand new mystery box website and it was quite a challenge to find any info about it except little feedback on Trustpilot and a review on Scamadviser.

Is HypeDrop allowed in the US?

market HypeDrop as an illegal gambling service.

How does HypeDrop battle work?

Here you can either wait for an opponent to join, or battle against our PVP Bot. Watch the battle unfold! If your unboxed value is higher than your opponents, you'll claim the contents from both. But if your opponents unboxed value is higher than yours, they'll claim the contents from both.


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4. I Paid $250 for $1,932 Worth of MYSTERY TECH! Amazon Returns Pallet Unboxing!
5. Online Sneaker Mystery Box Websites Are Scams 👎 (DO NOT BUY THESE!)
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