Graveyard Keeper Corpse Autopsy & Embalming Tips Guide (2022)

As you might expect, you don't want to yank every organ out of the corpses that arrive at your doorstep. Check this guide for your first steps into autopsy in Graveyard Keeper.

Part of having a clean and attractive graveyard is housing corpses that aren't mutilated and disgusting. I'm still having a hard time imagining how that works, but my best assumption has to do with the stench and whether the grave looks uniform.

Who knows why it works this way, it just does (could be magic). When you start playing Graveyard Keeper, the only station you have to work on incoming corpses is the Preparation Place (Autopsy Table) in the Morgue. Gerry walks you through it to an extent, but there's a lot more to it than that chatty skull and the tutorial window tell you.

Graveyard Keeper Corpse Autopsy & Embalming Tips Guide (1)

Video: COMPLETE AUTOPSY GUIDE FOR GRAVEYARD KEEPER | Graveyard Keeper tips and tricks to help new players

Each body part you remove from a corpse affects its quality, which then affects the DecorGraveyard Keeper Corpse Autopsy & Embalming Tips Guide (2) of the grave they are placed in. You can change the quality of a corpse during the autopsy, but those quality changes won't necessarily be positive.

For each part you remove, there is an effect. That effect may be positive or it may be negative -- sometimes you'll know and sometimes you won't. It depends on the part itself.

Once you've progressed enough, you will be able to add a functional new workstation to your morgue: the Embalming Table.

Unlike the Autopsy Table, which you use to remove things from the corpse, you use the Embalming Table to inject chemicals into it to affect its quality, decay rate, and decay level.

The table below covers body parts you can remove, as well as the embalming fluids you can inject into a corpse, along with their effects. Underneath, we'll talk about how to use this information.

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Part/FluidCorpse Effect
Graveyard Keeper Corpse Autopsy & Embalming Tips Guide (3)
-1 White Skull
Graveyard Keeper Corpse Autopsy & Embalming Tips Guide (4)
-1 Red Skull
+1 White Skull
Graveyard Keeper Corpse Autopsy & Embalming Tips Guide (5)
-1 Red Skull
+1 White Skull
Graveyard Keeper Corpse Autopsy & Embalming Tips Guide (6)
+1 Red Skull
Graveyard Keeper Corpse Autopsy & Embalming Tips Guide (7)
No effect
Graveyard Keeper Corpse Autopsy & Embalming Tips Guide (8)
+1 Red Skull
-1 White Skull
Graveyard Keeper Corpse Autopsy & Embalming Tips Guide (9)
-2 Red Skull
-2 White Skull
-1 Red Skull
-1 White Skull
Graveyard Keeper Corpse Autopsy & Embalming Tips Guide (10)
-2 Red Skull
-2 White Skull
-1 Red Skull
-1 White Skull
Graveyard Keeper Corpse Autopsy & Embalming Tips Guide (11)
-2 Red Skull
-2 White Skull
-1 Red Skull
-1 White Skull
Graveyard Keeper Corpse Autopsy & Embalming Tips Guide (12)
Lye Injection
+1 Red Skull
+1 White Skull
Graveyard Keeper Corpse Autopsy & Embalming Tips Guide (13)
Glue Injection
+1 White Skull
Graveyard Keeper Corpse Autopsy & Embalming Tips Guide (14)
Acid Injection
-1 Red Skull
-1 White Skull
Graveyard Keeper Corpse Autopsy & Embalming Tips Guide (15)
Restore Injection
Reduces the corpse's
current decay by half
Graveyard Keeper Corpse Autopsy & Embalming Tips Guide (16)
Preservative Injection
Stops the corpse from
Graveyard Keeper Corpse Autopsy & Embalming Tips Guide (17)
Dark Injection
+2 Red Skull
Graveyard Keeper Corpse Autopsy & Embalming Tips Guide (18)
Silver Injection
-1 Red Skull
+1 White Skull
Graveyard Keeper Corpse Autopsy & Embalming Tips Guide (19)
Gold Injection
-2 Red Skull
+2 White Skull

Red Skulls: necessary inconvenience

You're trying to get rid of the things, why would you want to add them to your corpses?

The effects of removing a body only apply if you fulfill both requirements -- in order to get that +1 White Skull from removing Blood from the corpse, you have to be able to give up that -1 Red Skull.

Each player has their own corpse processing method. Early in the game, before you get the Embalming Table or bother with important parts like the Brain, Heart, or Intestines, your process is going to be simple:

  1. Remove Blood
  2. Remove Fat

As you progress, the things you're going to have to remove will get more complicated. Corpses start coming in with some real hefty Red Skull stacks, which require you to either attempt to nullify them by removing the Heart, Brain, and/or Intestines or move onto getting the Embalming Table researched and constructed.

As you get further, the two-step process above can get a little more complicated. What happens if a corpse is out of Red Skulls? Well, you should add one Red so you can remove it and add a White.

Video: How to obtain white Skulls on Corpses Easily! - Graveyard Keeper Guide

Here's a simple example of adding a Red Skull to create a new White:

  1. Remove Blood (-1 Red +1 White)
  2. Remove Skull (+1 Red)
  3. Remove Fat (-1 Red +1 White)

This becomes more complex once you have to deal with corpses with three or more Red Skulls, but you should have enough experience by the time you get to embalming to deal with these without too much difficulty.

Graveyard Keeper Corpse Autopsy & Embalming Tips Guide (20)

The maximum effective White Skulls is 12 -- you can go up to 13, but there is no point. You can only get a single grave up to 12 Decor.

What happens if things go wrong?

Yeah, it happens. I hate when autopsies go wrong.

Video: Maximise Your Graveyard Score - A Guide to Autopsy, Graves and Corpse Scores - Graveyard Keeper

I suggest trying to extract a corpse's Brain, Heart, or Intestines if you feel overwhelmed by a corpse's Red Skulls. Heck, extract all three if you want. If the results aren't desirable, just save scum (load the save) back to the start of the day and try it all differently. An individual corpse's values are invariable and won't be more in your favor after a reload.

Once you are able to reliably produce Gold Injections, which requires you to be deep in the tech tree and getting gold, this all becomes much easier. Even before that point, the embalming fluids you are able to produce and use do help considerably.

If you had to bury a sub-par corpse early on in the game or are simply not happy with how one is affecting your Graveyard Decor, you can pay for Exhumation Permission using the Royal Services box outside the entrance to the church. It's good to know for when you're getting serious about making money from sermons.

Graveyard Keeper Corpse Autopsy & Embalming Tips Guide (21)



This wraps up our tips on dealing with the many corpses you're going to get hands-on with in Graveyard Keeper. The better your graveyard looks, the more money you'll get from parishioners to your church. The sooner you get to refining your corpse processing, the sooner you'll be rolling in money from the townsfolk.

Published Aug. 28th 2018


Graveyard Keeper Corpse Autopsy & Embalming Tips Guide?

Graveyard Keeper Corpse Autopsy & Embalming Tips Guide
Part/FluidCorpse Effect
Heart-2 Red Skull OR -2 White Skull OR -1 Red Skull -1 White Skull
Brain-2 Red Skull OR -2 White Skull OR -1 Red Skull -1 White Skull
Intestines-2 Red Skull OR -2 White Skull OR -1 Red Skull -1 White Skull
Lye Injection+1 Red Skull +1 White Skull
13 more rows
Aug 28, 2018

How do you do a good autopsy in graveyard keeper?

The goal is to change some of the red skulls to white skulls, or remove them altogether. When you first put a body up on the autopsy table, you should immediately remove the fat and the blood. This will automatically eliminate two red skulls, and add two white skulls, vastly improving the quality of the body.

How do you embalm a body in the graveyard keeper?

To use the table, you place a body on it and add the injection into the crafting window. The craft is automatic and takes time. Each type of injection can only be used once per corpse. and apply the injection afterwards.
Item ProducedMaterials RequiredNotes
1× Corpse1× Gold injection- +
7 more rows

How often do bodies come in graveyard keeper?

Before making the carrot box, the donkey brings carcasses every 2 days, sleeping seems to affect this negatively (unconfirmed). After the construction of the carrot box it will deliver every day as long as the box is full.

What do I do with the graveyard keeper skull?

Bring me a skull

After talking at length with Gerry, he will eventually inform you of the Astrologer. Upon meeting him, he will ask you to retrieve a Skull from a corpse. Returning with one will kick off the Astrologer's quest-line, and open up the potential for trade.

What are brains used for in graveyard keeper?

Brains make alchemy materials mostly used for quality fertilizer 1 (not worth in my opinion). The last 2 are not really worth it as the other fertilizer (boost fertilizer) does the same and speeds up the growth and is easier to make (from honey/hemp + beewax/fat/hops).

Should I extract everything graveyard keeper?

There is no reason to remove the inestines, bones, skin, or meat (if you intend to bury the body). You don't want skulls removed.

How do you cremate a body in the graveyard keeper?

Buid pyre, put body on it, ignite. You need to get Cremation from the Theology tree first. It's at the bottom row, by Grave Markers, one of the first branches. I have the pyre and i got the cremation from the theology tree.

What do you do with the graveyard keeper body parts?

  1. You'll get a. burial certificate for each corpse you bury, which can be sold to Horadric.
  2. You'll get a. burial certificate for each corpse you burn, which can be sold to Horadric. ...
  3. As you won't get a. burial certificate for corpses you dump, this way of disposal is a financial loss for you.
  4. As you won't get a.

How do you embalm a body?

In the modern procedure of embalming, the blood is drained from one of the veins and replaced by a fluid, usually based on Formalin (a solution of formaldehyde in water), injected into one of the main arteries. Cavity fluid is removed with a long hollow needle called a trocar and replaced with preservative.

Can you embalm a zombie graveyard keeper?

The Basics of Embalming - Graveyard Keeper: Breaking Dead - #64

How do you use the Resurrection table in the graveyard keeper?

Resurrection is only available for bodies of at least 90% body quality. You can reduce body decay by embalming. corpse onto the table, and make sure you have 10x Faith and 1x Zombie Juice either in a mortuary rack or in your inventory. Hit "E" at the table and choose the "Resurrect" button to start the process.

How do you get blue in graveyard keeper?

Graveyard Keeper: 15 Ways To Earn Blue Points
  1. 15 Buying Books.
  2. 14 Studying Body Parts.
  3. 13 Writing a Note.
  4. 12 Studying Grave Items.
  5. 11 Crafting Prayers.
  6. 10 Circumspect Buff.
  7. 9 Crafting Steel Items.
  8. 8 Craft Fences.
Dec 13, 2020

What do I do with stories in graveyard keeper?

You use them to craft books and sermons.

How do you get dark parts in graveyard keeper?

Get a high friendship score with the Inquisitor

Burning will eventually be put on pause after burning 3-4 witches. Around this time, you'll unlock the ability to obtain the dark heart, dark intestine and dark brain from corpses the donkey brings you.

How do you make bloody nails in graveyard keeper?

Bloody nails are a quest item, dropped by iron maidens in the dungeon. The player needs to deliver 5x to Snake upon request. Alternatively, they can simply be washed at the cooking table to create ordinary nails.

How do you get skulls in graveyard keeper?

How to obtain white Skulls on Corpses Easily! - Graveyard Keeper Guide

Where is moth graveyard keeper?

The Moth is an insect, able to be found by foraging flowers during the night, after unlocking Insects under the given tech tree. It can be decomposed into reagents for use in alchemy, or used as a bait for fishing.

How do you get oil Graveyard Keeper?

There are two ways to obtain regular oil. If you already have seed oil, the first method is by using the seed oil in your inventory menu. One bottle of seed oil will yield ten units of oil. Alternatively, you can get oil from a vine press using three fat.

How do you make graveyard keeper water?

Water is a crafting material, obtained by clicking on a bucket of clear water in your inventory and selecting Use.

How do you get white powder in graveyard keeper?

White powder is an alchemical reagent, utilized in producing paint or crafting high-tier pottery.
Vampire Survivors Resurgence - The Loop.
White powder
Type :Advanced alchemy resource
Stack size:30
7 more rows

How do I get more white skulls in graveyard keeper?

Step 1: Prepare a fresh corpse by removing all the important parts from it. Step 2: Add the above mentioned important parts to the body. Step 3: You will get a 4 red skulls with 9 white skulls corpse.
Embalm it with the following injections:
  1. Lye injection.
  2. Glue injection.
  3. Silver injection.
  4. Gold injection.
Nov 3, 2020

What are the 4 types of embalming?

four parts:
  • Arterial embalming: It involves the injection. of embalming chemicals into the blood. ...
  • Cavity embalming : It is the suction of the. internal fluids of the cadaver and the. ...
  • Hypodermic embalming: Is injecting. embalming chemicals under the skin as. ...
  • Surface embalming: Supplements the other.
Apr 9, 2014

How long does embalmed body last?

How Long Does an Embalmed Body Last? Some people think that embalming completely stops the decay of the body, but this isn't true. If you plan on having an open-casket funeral, then you should not leave the embalmed body out for more than a week. Otherwise, the embalmed body can last two more weeks.

Are eyes removed during embalming?

We don't remove them. You can use what is called an eye cap to put over the flattened eyeball to recreate the natural curvature of the eye. You can also inject tissue builder directly into the eyeball and fill it up. And sometimes, the embalming fluid will fill the eye to normal size.

How do you unlock the cultist perk in the graveyard keeper?

After 2-3 times of serving beer and burger, the inquisitor tells you something about the king and will give you the perk Dark Bodies. Now you can learn Cultist. Thank you! That was it.

How do you get gold elixir in the graveyard keeper?

The gold elixir is a bit expensive to brew and will require the tier II alchemy workbench. To create the gold elixir, you will need to combine gold powder, toxic solution, and chaos extract or gold powder, order solution, and health extract.

How do I use the teleport stone in the graveyard keeper?

Usage. The teleportstone can be used by simply right-clicking inside the inventory. If you are carrying an object such as a log or a zombie it will teleport with you.

What does the zombie brother do in graveyard keeper?

Gunter is a zombie who was created by the previous graveyard keeper to help with chores. However, he turned to be too smart and got chained to the wall permanently. He will teach you how to create zombies to help you around. He can be found in one of the chambers of the cellar past the dungeon entrance.

What do I do with the zombie I dug up graveyard keeper?

Build a Porter Station or two at the quarry after unlocking the Zombie Logistics blueprint on the tech tree, if you put a Zombie into the Porter Station he will transport the resources back to your house and yard and he even puts the supplies in the right place.

How do you make a resurrection table?

Go to your morgue, Gerry will talk to you and a new quest line begins for the resurrection table. Once you got the blueprint you can build it in your morgue. Originally posted by Delicious Mango: Go to your morgue, Gerry will talk to you and a new quest line begins for the resurrection table.

What should you study first in graveyard keeper?

When you start out, go looking for wood and stone because they are necessary for starting out strong. There are also other resources to get, but you won't unlock the collection of them until later so focus on wood and stone for the beginning of the game.

What is the first thing you do in the graveyard keeper?

Graveyard Keeper also features a technology tree where you can unlock new recipes, new abilities, as well as passive perks. To begin with, you will want to focus on getting the foundations of your building, theology, and smithing branches for easier progression and expansion of your graveyard.

How do you get blue points early in graveyard keeper?

How To Get BLUE Tech Points EASY in the Start!| Graveyard Keeper Tips ...

Is Graveyard Keeper endless?

pretty sure it is endless at the moment. I'm well past accomplishing everything currently available to do in the game and the longest playthrough so far is 270 days.

What does the Graveyard Keeper DLC add?

Extra DLC content reveals that the keeper can't return home because he (just like his predecessors) has the sacred task of acting as an intermediary between the village's inhabitants and the afterlife and it was revealed that the Ancient God brought him here and split him in two: His aggressive side is sent to the Town ...

Does Graveyard Keeper autosave?

Once you sleep, rest, and get up from the bed, your game will automatically save. You won't need to do anything yourself. There's no need to manually save in a menu or anything like that. Simply head to bed and sleep and once you wake up, your progress will be safe and sound within your system files.

How do you make a dark heart?

Dark heart, as well as the other variants (Dark brain, Dark intestine), will randomly appear on newly delivered corpses. Obtained after progressing far enough through the Inquisitor quest-line.

What does dark elixir Do graveyard keeper?

Dark elixir is produced through alchemy at the alchemy workbench (tier I). It is used in the production of dark injections.

How do you make toxic solution in graveyard keeper?

Toxic solution
  1. Alcohol •
  2. Ash •
  3. Blood •
  4. Electric powder • Goo •
  5. Gold powder •
  6. Graphite powder •
  7. Oil •
  8. Salt •


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