Grow Tent Kits, Indoor Grow Room Packages (2022)

Grow Tent Kits, Setups And Packages

If you are looking to take control of your indoor garden with agrow tent, using the grow tent configurator from is the solution. The grow tent configurator allows you to customize your grow tent with full spectrum grow tent grow lights, hydroponics, and nutrients. When you customize your grow tent with Growers House you will be assured to grow the most productive garden with the highest yields per watt possible. carries every major grow tent brand with real Growers House customer reviews. We carryGorilla Grow Tents,GrowLab Grow Tents,LightHouse Grow Tents,Secret Jardin Grow Tents,Mammoth Grow Tents,Sun Hut Grow Tents,OneDeal Grow TentsandPlant House Grow Tents Grow Tent Packages andGrow Room Kits, are a great way to get started growing indoors. Are you not quite sure what you might need? You may find it difficult to determine the best grow tent kit for because of the many choices on the internet. Try ourGrow Tent Configuratorwhich can help build the perfect grow tent package to your specifications of grow tent size, grow light type, and growing style (soil, coco, or hydroponics).

Get your garden growing with GrowersHouse.comGrow TentKits and Packages, from beginner to expert, we've put together some of our best products into complete systems for growing indoors. Our grow tent kits are packed with the most advanced technology in ballasts, bulbs, and reflectors to ensure your grow tent system is the best it can be. Our Grow Tent Kits are a great way to get started even with little to no experience in hydroponics, start with tent size then chose from the best options available ingrow tent lightingfromLED,Ceramic Metal Halide CMH,induction grow lightsorfluorescent grow lightsto put together a complete tent system. Want to make a custom light kit or grow tent package? Give us a call and we'll help you design your indoor grow room.

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Our grow tent kits are designed so you can make one purchase and have everything you need to go grow from seed to harvest. Our tents come in sizes that will comfortably fit in your closet, all the way up to ones that fill your garage.


  • By Suggested plant count and Yield
  • By Grow tent size
  • By grow light type
  • By Approximate electricity cost
  • By type of grow media


  • Choose your growmedia: Soil or Hydroponics
  • Grow Tent Soil – All grow tent kits come withplastic saucersand premium nursery pots
  • Hydroponics – All grow tent kits include either one of twoDeep Water Culture (DWC) systems

Grow Tent Lights

We have designed and customized each of our kits so complete novices can easily jump right into using them and won’t have to worry about their learning curves. This said,grow tent lightintensity/wattage of the grow lights will vary depending on tent size to create an optimal lighting footprint and promote maximum plant growth.

HID (HPS/MH) Grow Tent Kits

What novice doesn’t want to use the grow lights that most professional use? Unfortunately, many new to gardening are put off by growing with HID grow lights because of the extra components needed just to use the lights. Adding on top of that, they then have to worry about setting up a great ventilation system to combat all the heat the lights generate.

Once you figure out everything you need to set them up it’s smooth sailing from there. That’s why our grow tent kits figure it all out for you, so every beginner can grow like the pros.

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The majority of our HPS grow tent kits come with bothHPS andMHgrow light lamps that will give you the best light spectrum for all growing stages. For those on a budget, we offer smaller size tents that come with a HPS lamp, which is the recommend HID lamp to use for all growing stages if you can only afford one type.


  • Grow Light – Reflector/hood, ballast, HID bulb(s), light hangers, and a dual outlet light timer
  • Ventilation – Inline exhaust fan, carbon exhaust filter, fan control speed, clip-on circulation fan, ducting with clamps, and a thermo-hygrometer
  • Grow Method – Trellis netting, trimming shears, and your choice between a soil, coco or hydroponics setup

LED Grow Tent Kits

The future is here, andLEDsare taking home gardener’s grow rooms over by storm and have their eyes set on commercial operations next. Unlike their HID counterparts, LED lights don’t need anywhere near the same amount of components to run. The problem beginners have with LED lighting systems is learning all the science behind them that’s needed to get them growing plants at maximum efficiency.

Figuring out thebest LED lightsfor light spectrum, PAR, etc. is often too much to learn at first, so we made sure to choose LED panels that give gardeners anLED grow lightthat works great for all growing stages, and is fitted for the grow tent giving growers the best lighting footprint.


  • Grow Light – LED panel, light hangers, and a dual outlet light timer
  • Grow tent Ventilation –Inline exhaust fan,carbon exhaust filter, fan speed controller, clip-on circulation fan, ducting with clamps, and a thermo-hygrometer
  • Grow Method – Trellis netting, trimming shears, and your choice between a soil, coco, rockwool or hydroponic setup

Make sure to check out ourLED multi-chamber tent kitsthat come with an additional CFL grow light for the smaller propagation chamber.

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CMH Or LEC Tent Kits

Ceramic grow lightsare one of those lighting systems that pays for itself after some time and when they do you have a wonderful lighting system in place. The high set up cost and unfamiliarity can make new gardeners scared, so that’s why we designed our kits to perfectly fit your needs.

Unlike HID lights, with ceramic grow lights you won’t struggle with the heat, nor will you have to replace the bulbs anywhere near as often.

Ceramic lights are brilliant for beginners as they offer a huge advantage that most other grow lights simply do not. They don’t color your plants when the lights are on them, and this makes judging plant health and spotting issues incredibly easy.


  • Grow light – CMH or LEC grow light fixture, light hangers, and a dual outlet light timer
  • Ventilation – Inline exhaust fan, carbon exhaust filter, fan speed controller, clip-on circulation fan, ducting with clamps, and a thermo-hygrometer
  • Grow methods – Trellis netting, trimming shears, and your choice between a soil or hydroponic setup

Fluorescent Tent Kits

While many growers choose a HID lighting system for flowering,fluorescent grow lightsare still a very popular choice for growing plants during their vegetative and seedling stage. The T5 fluorescent fixture offers a brilliant light spectrum for vegging plants while being incredibly efficient at avoiding heat and light stressing the plants.

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Longer lasting bulbs that provide a lot of light without running up your electric bill, our fluorescent grow kits offer a simple setup to start your indoor grow off on the right foot. With these tents we wanted to keep it clean and simple, that’s why we only offer soil pots and saucers for our fluorescent tent Kits.

Make sure to check out our Fluorescent multi-chamber grow tent kits that come with an additionalCFL grow lightfor the smaller propagation chamber.


  • Grow light – T5 fixture, light hangers, and a dual outlet light timer
  • Ventilation – Duct fans or exhaust fan & filter, fan speed controller, clip-on circulation fan, ducting with clamps, and a thermo-hygrometer
  • Grow methods – Trellis netting, trimming shears,nursery pots, and plastic saucers

Double Ended Grow Tent Kits

Double Ended (DE) HID lightingis an easy way to step up your single ended HID lighting game and gives you a more powerful lighting systems in all facets. But more power isn’t necessarily good unless you know how to use it. DE lights produce more heat, and the lights will need to be hung higher on average compared to single ended bulbs. That’s why we designed each of our tents to utilize the increase power to its maximum growing potential while removing the negatives that come with it.


  • Grow Tent Light – DE fixture, light hangers, and a dual outlet light timer
  • Grow Tent Ventilation – Inline exhaust fan, carbon exhaust filter, fan speed controller, clip-on circulation fan, ducting with clamps, and a thermo-hygrometer
  • Grow Tent methods – Trellis netting, trimming shears, and your choice between a soil or hydroponic setup

No matter what your level of experience with indoor Grow Tent growing, Growers House has got you covered.


Are indoor grow tents worth it?

Keep Pests out and odor inside

Indeed, indoor grow tents are also great at keeping pests, mold, and pet hairs out of your grow space. Weed grow tents also significantly reduce the amount of light and odor that leaks out into your home. So, if you're extra concerned about discretion, a grow tent is a must.

What size grow tent do I need for 4 plants?

Here is a quick guide to sizing your tent with how many plants you can grow: 2' x 2' Grow Tent - Great for mother plants (1-2 plants) 2' x 4' Grow Tent - Fits in most closets (2-4 plants) 3' x 3' Grow Tent - Ideal for people with a limited work area (2-4 plants)

How many plants can you fit in a grow tent?

Tent Guide
100cm x 300cm3 – 9 plants
200cm x 200cm4 – 12 plants
200cm x 300cm4 – 16 plants
240cm x 240cm4 – 16 plants
12 more rows
Apr 27, 2021

How many plants can you fit in a 10x10 grow tent?

The 10' x 10' Indoor Grow Rooms will house up to 32 medium plants or about 24 or so if you want them to get bigger than normal. These monstrous grow tents will require an extra room or space in the garage to be set-up in since they are so big.

Is a grow room better than a tent?

Higher Yield:

Since a grow room provides you with much more real estate than a grow tent, you can easily grow different crops under the same room or even grow a huge batch of the same crop.

How effective are grow tents?

Grow tents are also highly energy efficient. They have an interior reflective coating that actually circulates the light from your sun lamp. This means that the rays of the light are amplified, which can give your plants the energy they need without expending significant energy from the lamp.

How many plants can a 1000W LED light grow?

Yield Lab 1000W HPS+MH Cool Hood Reflector Grow Light Kit (Price: $239.95) — With a 1000w grow light, you'll get 130,000 lumens from an HPS bulb and 110,000 lumens from an MH bulb. That's sufficient to provide coverage for up to 6 plants.

How many plants in 48x24x60 grow tent?

Small Rectangular Base (48x24x60)

With this grow tent, we recommend either fitting three full-sized plants or 8 small plants (clones, herbs, early vegging growth, etc..).

How many watts do I need for a 4X4 grow tent?

Just remember that one square foot of grow tent space needs roughly thirty-two watts of real wattage. According to research, a 4 x 4 requires around 512 watts, but the wattage can range from 500 to 650 watts.

What size tent do I need for 8 plants?

Large Garden (8 plants): If you expand your marijuana garden, you can upgrade to a larger tent to accommodate up to 25 smallish plants or 8 full-size plants. A large rectangular base model measuring at 96” x 48” x 78”, or 4 by 8 feet in area and 6.5 feet in height, should do the trick.

Does Topping increase yield?

Does topping really increase yield. Some people claim topping does not actually increase yield, because the colas get smaller every time you top. But, it has been shown that the cumulative yield is much heavier when you top your plants. So yes, topping really increases yield.

How many plants can I grow in a 2x2 grow tent?

So, in your 2×2 grow tent you can grow 5-6 plants in this style. If you're up for Pruning then you can grow only 1 plant in your grow tent. If you're thinking about Low-stress training, then you can grow 4 plants/sq.

How much does a 1000 watt LED grow light cost to run?

The Answer. A 1000 watt Led grow light, running 18 hours a day over a 30-day period at a cost of 14.21 cents per kWh will set you back $76,24. Running grow lights can be expensive.

How much light do I need for a 10x10 grow room?

Most flowering plants grow best with 20-30 watts of light per square foot. Don't make the mistake of thinking more is better. Too much light can lead to bleaching and burning your plants.

How many watts do I need for 12 plants?

Recommended wattage assuming 2.0 sq ft/plant
# of PlantsSquare FeetWattage from Wall
1260 to 80 watts
24120 to 140 watts
48240 to 300 watts
612360 to 400 watts
2 more rows

How do I set up an indoor grow room?

If you're new to this, stick to the basics and keep things simple.
  1. Find a suitable setup space (spare room, garage, etc)
  2. Make your space light-tight.
  3. Choose how to configure your space (e.g. tent, entire room or cupboard within a room)
  4. Get good light coverage in your setup.
  5. Set up suitable air exchange.

Can you put a grow tent in a closet?

Grow equipment and supplies

Ideally, your tent will fit in your closet with additional room for you to store things on each side of it. You also need to choose a light, ventilation system, and other equipment that gives you the most space possible to actually grow your plants.

What do people grow in grow tents?

From leafy greens and fig trees to cauliflower or tomatoes, there are plenty of options for what you can plant in your grow tent. Grow tents help gardeners create optimal growing environments indoors. They are usually made out of flexible materials and include fans, lights, and sometimes carbon filters.

What's needed for an indoor grow tent?

Grow Tent Essentials

These include grow lights, pots and soil, and an exhaust fan/carbon filter. Without these things, you will not have an effective grow. You simply cannot grow plants without a light, so that isn't really an accessory, as much as a necessity. The same goes for pots and soil.

How big should my plants be after 2 weeks?

How Big Should My Weed Plants be After 2 Weeks? In most cases your plant should be around 2 to 3 inches tall with 2 to 3 sets of leaves including the cotyledons (seed leaves which are rounded).

How much does a 1000 watt LED yield?

The yield from a single 1000w lamp is about 2 lbs per harvest.

Is LED better than HPS?

Essentially, we're talking about different technologies and calling them both “HPS.” LEDs are much the same. Though they're generally more efficient than HPS (with some clocking 2.8 µmol/joule), some LEDs are less efficient than high-quality HPS fixtures, and they give you less light.

What size LED grow light for 2x2 grow tent?

The 225W Elite LED grow light by Horticulture Lighting Group (HLG) can replace a 315W light and still give the same output but with less overall heat. This light is custom designed, highly efficient, small and compact, yet can cover a lot of space, making it a perfect LED for a 2' x 2' grow tent.

How many plants grow in a 4X4 tent?

Most growers prefer something in between these two extremes with around nine plants in a 4X4 grow space. This will give you about one square foot per each plant. Auto-flower plants will always be the same size as they do not have a veg period.

How many plants can you fit in a 8x8 grow tent?

Grow up to 24 medium to large plants or 30 smaller plants in our 8x8 portable grow rooms. These monstrous grow tents will require a spare room or garage to be set-up in due to their large size.

Can you have too much light in a grow tent?

Cannabis plants will show a number of key signs when they're getting too much light. The most obvious indicator is leaf burning. This typically causes yellow leaves at the top of the plant directly under the grow lights. While the inside veins stay green, the leaves take on a yellow, burnt look.

Do you need a carbon filter in your grow tent?

The answer to that question is a resounding yes! Carbon filters are the best option for keeping the smell from your growing area out of your house and away from your neighbors. More importantly, they're the best way to make sure even the freshest air is used by your plants to grow.

What is the best wattage for LED grow lights?

As a rule of thumb, aim for 20 to 40 watts per square foot. Divide the wattage of your bulb by 20 (such as 400 watts divided by 20 = 20), and then divide the wattage of your bulb by 40 (400 divided by 40 = 10).

Can I put a dehumidifier in my grow tent?

Whether to place dehumidifiers outside or inside grow tent. The answer is simple. You can place dehumidifiers both outside and inside grow tent.

Do grow tents contain smell?

While a grow tent is capable of insulation, odors may still seep through tiny slivers of openings like the zipper and duct ports. Well routed ductwork will exhaust odors away from the growing system, but simply moves the foul smell towards the exterior.

How much electricity does a grow tent use?

How Much Power Does a Cannabis Grow Room Consume? According to the Northwest Power and Conservation Council (NPCC), indoor commercial cannabis production (also known as a cannabis grow room) can consume 2,000 to 3,000 kilowatt hours (kWh) of energy per pound of product.

Does longer veg time increase yield?

The longer you keep your plants in the vegetative stage, the bigger your plant will be, resulting in bigger yields from plants that were vegetated longer.

Should I cut off fan leaves during flowering?

Yes you should – but with the correct technique. A proper thinning will remove 20-40% of the mid to upper foliage every 5-7 days. Removing these fan leaves opens up light and produces better air exchange to the lower canopy.

What week should you top plants?

The plant must be able to handle the pruning process. A cannabis seedling can range from 1-2 weeks old, and you would not want to top the plant at week three. It would likely not survive, even though at week three, it should be in the vegetative stage of its development. A good rule of thumb is to count the nodes.

How do you maximize indoor yield?

For higher yields indoor, you want your plants to grow wide rather than tall. You want a bushier plant so more buds have access to direct light, rather than a long, lanky plant with several buds hidden under a canopy. By transferring your plants to larger containers, you can encourage more outward expansion.

How much does an autoflowering plant yield?

The average yield for autoflowering plants ranges between 1.8 to 8 ounces of product. The amount of marijuana yield per plant is ultimately determined by the type of seed you choose, environmental conditions, where the plants grow, and other factors such as nutrients, air, light, and space.

How big should my grow tent be?

To determine the total amount of space you'll need in a grow tent, a good rule of thumb is to provide 10 litres of soil for every foot of plant height. Don't forget to leave a bit of extra breathing space too! The most commonly available grow bags are 25 litres and 50 litres.

How much does a grow light add to electric bill?

The cost to run the lights per day is $0.2735236 or $8.20 per month. If I have an HID (high intensity discharge) light with a 600 watt bulb in it, using the same method of calculation, it would cost me $30.90 per month.

What type of grow light is best for indoor plants?

When growing most houseplants, use light bulbs between 4000 and 6000 Kelvin, as the bulb's color temperature will borrow from a full spectrum of colors—cools and warms. With these lights, you can actually mimic the growth you would get in a greenhouse or outdoors.

How much does 600w cost to run?

Grow Light Operating Cost
1000 watt Sodium600 watt Sodium
Cost per Month$52.80$31.92
Initial Lumens13000089000
Mean Lumens12600081000
Mean Lumens per Watt114121
2 more rows

How many plants can go under 600w LED?

2 month plants should give about 40g per plant, so with about 9 you'll be able to easily fill a square meter and get up to 400g per 600w light. 3 month autoflowering plants grow much bigger, however, so you should only plant 4 per 600w light.

How much area does a 1000 watt LED grow light cover?

These lights range in power from 100 to 1000 watts. The 400 and 1000 watt lights are the most useful. A 1000 watt grow light can light up an area of about 7 feet square when the light is suspended 2 feet above the plants. A 400 watt light would work for an area of about 4 feet square.

How many plants fit in a 10x20 grow tent?

The largest grow tent available on the market today. This gigantic portable grow room will house 64 medium plants and up to 50 or so larger plants.

What size grow tent do I need for 4 plants?

Here is a quick guide to sizing your tent with how many plants you can grow: 2' x 2' Grow Tent - Great for mother plants (1-2 plants) 2' x 4' Grow Tent - Fits in most closets (2-4 plants) 3' x 3' Grow Tent - Ideal for people with a limited work area (2-4 plants)

How many plants can one light grow?

The short answer is that for one grow light, you should plan on growing 1-8 plants. If you grow more than 8 plants under a single grow light, chances are you're hurting your yields by not giving each plant enough space to thrive.

How many plants can I grow under 300W LED?

So 300W can coverage about 2*3ft area, in general, each cannabis plant you grow requires at least 1sq ft of space. So under 300W, you can grow about 1-6 plants.


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