Packaging Industry Analysis – Market Share, Size and Growth (2022)

Packaging Industry Overview

The size of the global packaging industry will increase almost 170.61 billion between 2021-2025, accelerating at a CAGR of 4% during the forecast period. This growth in market size will be attributed to massive demand from the e-commerce transport and shipment, food and beverage, personal care, household care, and healthcare industries for convenience-based packaging. Consumers prefer packaging which requires minimum time and effort to open, carry, and store such as zippers reclosure, tear notches, peel-off lids, hang hole features, and microwavable pouches. These demands have led the packaging market vendors to focus on new packaging designs such as metalized flexible packaging or redesign the existing packaging to offer higher convenience and portability and driving the global packaging market growth.

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The introduction of bio-degradable plastics will be one of the critical packaging market trends during the upcoming years. The rising environmental concerns and the stringent government regulations for monitoring the use of plastics are forcing end-users to shift towards biodegradable packaging. Another significant packaging market trend quickly gaining momentum is the development of new lightweight glass packaging to enhance end-user usability and reduce wastage. These packaging designs are recyclable, cost-effective and easy to transport, propelling manufacturers to produce water-resistant and eco-friendly corrugated box packaging solutions.

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Packaging Industry Insights

  • With the growing focus on sustainability, traditional rigid packaging solutions are being replaced by innovative flexible packaging products like bioplastics. Furthermore, stringent government regulations for monitoring the use of plastics are forcing end-users to shift towards biodegradable packaging.
  • The demand for aseptic packaging is increasing in the food industry, especially in APAC due to the growth of the dairy market. Rising incomes, rapid urbanization, and the increasing awareness of the health benefits of dairy products will further boost the demand for dairy products.
  • Focus on protective packaging choices has led to the development of innovative products that occupy less space and offer efficient performance. For instance, Ecoliner is an eco-friendly product made by IPC consisting of ultra-insulating recycled cotton that is packed in by environment-friendly plastic liners.
  • Extensive usage of plastic sacks is driving the industrial packaging market growth. Packaging sacks are durable, lightweight, flexible, need low handling and carrying costs and are being increasingly used for packaging products such as chemical, food, and fertilizers.
  • High recycling capacity of glass will be one of the significant factors that will have a positive impact on the glass packaging market. Unlike, plastics and other packaging materials, glass is made from natural materials, leading to a high recycling rate which also ensures significant savings on raw material.
  • Growing demand for aerosol containers and metal packaging for alcoholic beverages, particularly for metal cans, are the primary growth drivers for the global metal packaging market.

Packaging Market Share and Segmentation

Within our packaging market research, we provide deep insights into the packaging industry outlook, market landscape, its segments, and their market share. Our research experts segment this market by packaging materials types, specialized packaging applications and technology, packaging products, and by packaging applications.

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Our packaging market segmentation research offerings include:

  • Packaging Market by Materials
    • Paper packaging market
      • Paperboard packaging market
      • Containerboard market
      • Corrugated box market
      • Flexible paper market
    • Plastic packaging market
      • Rigid packaging market
        • Extruded plastic packaging market
          • Corrugated plastic packaging market
        • Injection molded plastic packaging market
      • Flexible packaging market
        • Flexography based flexible plastic packaging market
        • Rotogravure based flexible plastic packaging market
        • Digital printing based flexible plastic packaging market
    • Metal packaging market
      • Steel packaging market
      • Aluminum packaging market
      • Tin packaging market
      • Other metals packaging market
    • Wood packaging market
      • Wood pallets market
      • Wood container packaging market
    • Glass packaging market
  • Packaging Market by Specialized Applications and Technology
    • Returnable packaging market
    • Aseptic packaging market
    • Recycled packaging market
    • Frozen packaging market
    • Protective packaging market
    • Vacuum packaging market
    • Anti-counterfeit packaging market
    • Edible packaging market
    • Green packaging market
    • Child resistant packaging market
    • Microwave packaging market
    • Aerosol packaging market
    • Insulated packaging market
    • Intravenous product packaging market
    • Single-serve packaging market
    • Water-soluble pods packaging market
  • Packaging Market by Product
    • Bottles & jars packaging market
    • Rigid bulk products packaging market
    • Containers packaging market
    • Trays packaging market
    • Tubs, cups, and pots packaging market
    • Cans packaging market
    • Caps packaging market
    • Closure packaging market
    • Barrels packaging market
    • Drums packaging market
    • Plastic pallets market
    • Bags market
    • Plastic films market
    • Wraps market
    • Pouches market
  • Packaging Market by Application Segments
    • Transport packaging market
    • Pharmaceutical packaging market
    • Medical device packaging market
    • Food packaging market
    • Beverage packaging market
    • Personal care packaging market
    • Consumer goods packaging market
    • Electronics packaging market
    • Industrial packaging market
    • Automotive packaging market
    • Agricultural packaging market
    • Display packaging market
    • Lubricants packaging market

We at Technavio, with our comprehensive understanding of the packaging market, have been monitoring the latest industry trends and developments to create an in-depth packaging report portfolio. These reports help our clients identify opportunities within the market and develop effective strategies to optimize their market positions. Our packaging market reports offer the following insights:

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  • Packaging industry overview
  • Packaging industry statistics
  • Packaging market size
  • Packaging market share
  • Packaging market growth
  • Packaging market forecast
  • Packaging market trends

Packaging Market Research – Report Catalog

  • Global Packaging Market
  • Global Metal Packaging Market
  • Global Glass Packaging Market
  • Global Medical Device Packaging Market
  • Global Industrial Packaging Market
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