The Best Strollers of 2021 (2022)

A new baby means a new set of wheels—so let’s talk strollers. It’ll be one of your most used items and also one of your biggest gear investments (no pressure). And the fact that there are hundreds of options on the market makes stroller shopping feel even more daunting for first-timers and experienced parents alike. Overwhelmed already? Deep breath. We’ve done the legwork for you, and sourced the best strollers for every need, budget and situation.

How to Buy the Best Strollers

Before making any final decisions on a stroller, here are some key things to think about:

  • What’s my budget?
  • How many riders will I need it to fit now and in the future?
  • What kind of terrain and environment will I be using this stroller on and in?
  • What will our lifestyle look like with kids?
  • Where will I be storing the stroller?

Once you’ve fleshed out those broad strokes, it’s time to hit the stores. Testing strollers in person can be helpful to give you a feel for the handling, maneuverability and folding and unfolding (which isn’t always as intuitive as you might think). Here are some questions to keep top-of-mind:

  • How easy is it for me to push, pull and pivot?
  • Is there a storage basket, and how large is it?
  • What are the steps for folding and unfolding? Do any parts need to be removed to collapse the stroller?
  • Will this fit in my trunk or storage space?
  • What type of accessories are available?
  • Where is the brake, and how easy is it for me to engage?

The Best Strollers

Even with this information in hand, making the final call as to which is the best stroller for your needs can be tough. That’s where this list comes into play. Check out our picks for the 13 best strollers on the market—from lightweight everyday options to newborn-friendly picks and more. Browse below, and you’ll be ready to roll in no time (pun intended).




Best Everyday Stroller: Uppababy Cruz V2

Getting around with a little one in tow has never been easier—or more stylish—thanks to the Uppababy Cruz V2. Modern design elements, endless functional features (that basket!) and a baby-bottom smooth ride make it easy to see why the Cruz V2 was a Best of Baby 2021 winner.

The highlights:

  • Let’s take a moment to pay tribute to the stroller basket of all stroller baskets: Its ability to hold up to 30 pounds of groceries, baby gear and the like makes it one of the roomiest on the market.
  • Folding and unfolding happens in a seamless single step, and the stroller stands when folded for easy and compact storage.
  • The all-wheel suspension and lightweight design (it clocks in at just 25.5 lbs) make it easy to navigate almost any terrain.
  • With leather accents and multiple fabric options, the Cruz V2 is equally as fashionable as it is functional.

Ages: From 3 months to 50 pounds

Buy it: $700,




Best Double Stroller: Mockingbird Single to Double Stroller

Finding the best double stroller might just be one of the most elusive parenting quests. The options are often clunky, cumbersome and expensive to boot. But the folks at Mockingbird have changed the game, with a double stroller that has an answer for nearly every common dual-rider complaint (and then some). It’s won the hearts of both parents and experts alike—and nabbed a Best of Baby 2021 award, too.

The highlights:

  • This is a stroller that can truly grow with your family: The Mockingbird offers more than 13 different double-seating arrangements, allowing for two infant car seats, two stroller seats or one of each. Need room for three? A kick-board option is on the horizon, as well.
  • The design allows for unobstructed views for each child—and keeps the storage basket accessible as well.
  • The all-weather canopy provides both protection from the elements (with UPF 50+ coverage) and visual stimulation (thanks to high-contrast, black-and-white pattern on the interior).
  • It can be folded with one hand and both seats attached.

Ages: Up to 45 pounds per seat

Video: Best Strollers 2021 - The Ultimate Stroller Buying Guide | Single | Double |Jogging - Magic Beans

Buy it: $395,




Best Car Seat/Stroller Combo: Doona Infant Car Seat

The Doona is the first of its kind as a safety-rated infant car seat and stroller combined. With the press of a latch, the wheels drop down and you’re ready to roll. The same lever is used to collapse the wheels back underneath. This car seat-stroller combo is a dream for car-less parents tired of fumbling with a separate car seat, adaptors and stroller frame. Note: The trade-off in having an all-in-one car seat stroller combo? No storage basket.

The highlights:

  • It’s a complete travel system in one unit.
  • If baby is sleeping, no need to risk a wake-up by taking them out of the car seat. Simply remove the entire thing, drop the wheels and roll wherever you need to go.
  • It can be safely used with or without a base—a great feature for parents who take taxis or Ubers.

Ages: from 4 to 35 pounds and 32 inches

Buy it: $550,




Best Travel Stroller: Ergobaby Metro+

Traveling with kids can be stressful for so many reasons—but figuring out which stroller to bring doesn’t need to add to the anxiety. Enter the Ergobaby Metro+, our pick for the best travel stroller. It features a compact fold (perfect for overhead bins or tightly packed trunks), an ultra-plush seat (creating comfort for longer trips) and plenty of storage (thanks to an expanded basket and seat-back pocket). Now, deep breath and off you go.

The highlights:

  • Strollers often need to be folded at the most inopportune times (like before entering airport security, Disney World buses, subway stairs and more)—but the Metro+ collapses in just seconds and with one hand.
  • Hidden flaps can be used to create a “newborn nest,” making travel possible (and comfortable) from the get-go.
  • Achieving naps on the go has never been easier, thanks to an ergonomically padded seat, flat recline and footrest and spring suspension, which helps to smooth over bumps and terrain.
  • Prepare for all weather and climates with the UPF 50 sun-canopy and rain shield.

Ages: Newborn to 50 pounds

Buy it: $299,




Best Jogging Stroller: BOB Gear Allterrain Pro

The best jogging strollers help make the miles fly by for both runner and baby—and none do it better than the BOB Gear Allterrain Pro. The two-time Best of Baby winner lives up to its name, tackling any terrain, distance and conditions with ease. Plain and simple, it’s a runners’ (and baby’s) dream.

The highlights:

  • Bumps in the road don’t stand a chance, thanks to this stroller’s SmoothShox suspension system, air-filled tires and stainless-steel ball bearings.
  • The handlebar features a handbrake for downhill control, but its off-center placement still allows for one-handed steering.
  • Snacks, toys, diapers, water, keys, cell phone—it all has a secure place, thanks to the stroller’s five zippered pockets.
  • Whether you’re running in the dark, heat or rain, the all-weather reflective canopy will keep your little one safe and dry.

Ages: 8 weeks (walking only) to 75 pounds

Buy it: $680,

Video: Top 5 BEST Strollers (2021) | [Budget, Baby Stroller Systems & More]



Summer Infant

Best Umbrella Stroller: Summer Infant 3DFlip Convenience

By definition, umbrella strollers are lightweight and no frills. But that can be limiting. Fortunately, this minimalist set of wheels from Summer Infant gets the job done while still leaving room for versatility along the way, putting it at the top of our list of the best umbrella strollers. Plus, it’s the only umbrella stroller that allows baby to be rear or forward facing.

The highlights:

  • Weighing in at just 12 lbs, the 3DFlip requires little effort, whether you’re pushing, lifting or storing it away.
  • You can shift it into six different recline positions with one hand.
  • Even on such a lightweight frame, safety isn’t sacrificed. Tap the rear wheel locks with your foot to anchor it into place.

Ages: From 3 months to 55 pounds

Buy it: $145,




Best Travel System: Nuna Tavo Next + Popa Lite LX Travel System

Planes, train or automobiles—this travel system from Nuna will get you where you need to go. The standout here is the Pipa Lite lx infant car seat, which is the lightest on the market, weighing less than six pounds (saving your arms from breaking when you add in your little one) and also one of the safest (thanks to the base’s stability leg). The Pipa Lite also clicks into the Tavo Next stroller with no adapters, making transitions to the stroller quick and simple (a must when you’re on the road with littles).

The highlights:

  • The Pipa Lite’s dream drape feature creates an ideal environment for naps and offers almost complete protection from the elements (which means no more draping a swaddle over the car seat).
  • Forget fumbling with a five-point harness: The Tavo Next has a self-guiding, magnetic buckle that automatically locks into place.
  • The underneath storage basket features a secret zippered compartment to keep your important belongings secure while you’re on the go.

Ages: Pipa Lite: 4 to 32 pounds and 32 inches, Tavo Next: Birth to 50 pounds

Buy it: $900,




Video: Top 5 BEST Strollers (2022) | [Budget, Baby Stroller Systems & More]

Best Lightweight Stroller: The GB Pockit

The GB Pockit certainly lives up to its name: This lightweight stroller is a Guinness Book of World Records’ holder for being the world’s smallest folding stroller, one that fits into any train or plane overhead compartment without any passengers giving you the side-eye. It’s a game changer for parents traveling with littles or if storage is an issue, making it our top pick for best lightweight stroller.

The highlights:

  • For a lightweight stroller (10.5 lbs!), it sure can hold a lot: It has the capacity for up a child up to 55 pounds.
  • It’s so ultra-compact when folded that you can fit it into a tote bag.
  • Lightweight strollers can be notoriously tricky to steer, but the Pockit’s one-handed push and front swivel wheels make maneuvering crowded airports and sidewalks a breeze.

Ages: 6 months to 55 pounds

Buy it: $150,


Best Stroller for Newborns: UPPAbaby Vista V2

Ask any seasoned parent what the best stroller for newborns is, and we’d be willing to bet their answer would be the UPPAbaby Vista V2. Its popularity is well-deserved; newborns can only safely ride in strollers that fully recline, have a bassinet attachment or are compatible with an infant car seat—and the UPPAbaby Vista V2 offers all three of those options. But what really sets this triple-threat of a stroller apart is its versatility; it’s perfect for parents looking to purchase minimal gear or those trying to conserve space.

The highlights:

  • The Vista V2 comes with a bassinet (it’s not sold separately), which is the perfect space for a sleeping newborn on the go. As a bonus, the Vista’s bassinet also connects to a separate stand for overnight sleep.
  • No adapters are needed to connect the UPPAbaby Mesa car seat to the stroller, making for easy transfers from car to stroller and back again.
  • Leaving the house with a newborn also means leaving with lots of stuff (bottles, diapers, wipes, outfits)—but the extra-large basket has room for it all (and then some).

Ages: Bassinet from birth to 20 pounds, toddler seat from 3 months to 50 pounds

Buy it: $1,000,



Thule Spring

Best Stroller for Toddlers: Thule Spring

Toddlers can be difficult; finding the best stroller for them doesn’t have to be. All you need is one that’s forward-facing (allowing them to look out and about), built sturdy (to handle any toddler destruction) and with room to grow (to accommodate those overnight growth spurts). The clear winner: The Thule Spring.

The highlights:

  • With a weight capacity of up to 64 pounds, this stroller will grow with your little one until they’re not-so-little anymore.
  • A step-in footrest makes it easy for toddlers to climb into their seat on their own.
  • At 30 percent smaller than traditional three-wheel strollers, the Spring is easy to maneuver, fold and transport—key for keeping up with a busy toddler.
  • A fun bonus: It meets Disney World’s stroller-size requirements.

Ages: Up to 64 pounds

Buy it: $400,

Video: Best Strollers of 2022: Nuna, UPPAbaby, Babyzen, Doona, Thule and more




Best Compact Stroller: Joolz Aer

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a stroller more compact than the Joolz Aer. Weighing in at a mere 13.4 lbs and measuring 21” by 18” when folded, the Aer is actually smaller than most diaper bags. What it lacks in size, though, it makes up for in comfort (thanks to a patented seat that conforms to your child’s body)—making this stroller the best of both worlds (and a Best of Baby winner).

The highlights:

  • The best compact strollers are portable, and an elastic shoulder strap makes it easy to tote this one on-the-go while keeping parents hands-free.
  • It’s not sorcery, but it’s close: Folding and unfolding the Joolz Aer takes just one hand, one button and, most impressively, one second.
  • This stroller arrives fully assembled. We repeat: Fully. Assembled.

Ages: From birth (with bassinet attachment (sold separately), 6 months without) to 50 pounds

Buy it: $429,




Best Stroller Wagon: Wonderfold W4 Luxe Quad Stroller Wagon

Stroller wagons are a great option for outings with multiple little ones; they offer more cargo and sitting space than even the roomiest double strollers, provide unobstructed views for your curious kiddos and appeal to both stroller-resistant toddlers and bigger kids who need a lift. Now that you’re team stroller wagon, the best of the best is the Wonderfold W4 Luxe Quad Stroller Wagon.

The highlights:

  • The availability of elevated and reclinable seats, all with magnetic five-point harnesses, means everyone has a secure spot (and makes loading and unloading a breeze).
  • The Wonderfold is truly multipurpose: All the seats are removable if you need it to function solely as a wagon; a bassinet attachment transforms it into a crib on-the-go; pop the one-step foot brake and it becomes a pack-and-play.
  • The slidable canopy and adjustable canopy rods keep all passengers shaded and protected from the elements.
  • With a total weight capacity of a whopping 300 pounds, the W4 Luxe is built to carry all of your belongings.

Ages: 6 months+(99 pounds per bench seat)

Buy it: $899,




Best All Terrain Stroller: Chicco Activ3 Air Jogging Stroller

When adventure awaits, the last thing you need is your stroller dragging you down. Enter the Chicco Activ3 Air, our pick for the best all-terrain stroller. It’s designed to take you (and your little one) from city streets to hiking trails and everywhere in between (even the dreaded sand). While many strollers claim to be all terrain, the Chicco Activ3 Air is one of the only options with an adjustable suspension system and front swivel wheel. It’s that winning combination that makes this all-terrain stroller ready to tackle any type of ground you’re looking to cover.

Video: What's the best stroller? | 30 Strollers that will end your research TODAY | Best Strollers 2022

The highlights:

  • The FlexCore suspension system can be adjusted with a simple push from your foot, optimizing the stroller’s ride for smooth or rugged terrain.
  • The Activ3 Air puts the controls for the front-swivel wheel and rear-wheel brakes right at your fingertips on the handlebars, meaning you won’t miss a step to adjust pace.
  • The stroller is also compatible with all Chicco car seats, allowing you to hit the road—any road—from day one.

Ages: 6 months to 50 pounds

Buy it: $300,


What is the safest stroller?

Here's a list of the safest baby strollers and best baby stroller brands on the market today:
  • UPPAbaby Vista Stroller. ...
  • BOB Revolution Flex Jogging Stroller. ...
  • Britax B-Agile Lightweight Stroller. ...
  • Bugaboo Buffalo Complete Stroller. ...
  • Maclaren Mark II Stroller. ...
  • JOOVY New Groove Ultralight Umbrella Stroller.

Which strollers are not made in China?

  • Agio and Peg-Perego - Italy.
  • Bumbleride - Taiwan.
  • Stokke.
  • Silver Cross Heritage Prams - United Kingdom.

What stroller does Kim Kardashian use?

Celebrities like Kim Kardashian are known fans of Maxi-Cosi (she was spotted on social media using a Maxi-Cosi Pria 85 car seat). But, the company is also known for its functional strollers. The Lara Ultra Compact Stroller (image above) is lightweight, easy to carry and a little more than $200.

Are expensive strollers worth it?

I think an expensive stroller is definitely worth it, but only because good quality costs money. There are some silly-expensive brands out there that are worrisome in terms of ergonomics, for both the child and/or the parent; avoid those. And then some strollers are expensive simply because they're made right.

What is the easiest stroller?

Umbrella stroller.

This is the lightest and easiest option for parents or caregivers who can't lug around bulky baby gear. “They are the most portable wherever you go and fold up into a slender umbrella that is easy to carry around,” said Grayson.

Is UPPAbaby Vista really worth it?

The UPPAbaby Vista offers an incredibly smooth ride and easy maneuverability. Even as one of the largest single strollers on the market (it's 26.5 inches wide), this baby takes corners like it's on rails. I can wheel my toddler around the entire first floor of my house without bumping into a single piece of furniture.

How much should you spend on a stroller?

An everyday stroller will also be more affordable than a full-size or travel system stroller. You can spend anywhere between $100 - $1000 on a stroller, but the average cost should be no more than $200.

How long should a stroller last?

But do baby strollers expire? The quick answer is no, baby strollers do not expire. However, there are some things you should keep in mind when using a baby stroller or purchasing a used one.

Is Graco a good brand for strollers?

Graco is like the Honda of strollers—a mid-priced brand with decent quality, but not a lot of pizazz. You'll find Graco in most chain stores like Target. Graco's line is huge (48 models at last count), so we'll hit the highlights: The models.

What strollers are made in USA?

Strollers Made in the USA

There is one new exception that stands alone as the only stroller made in the USA: The Safety 1st RIVA! The Safety 1st RIVA is made by Dorel Juvenile in Columbus, Indiana, and is primarily sold as a travel system along with the Safety 1st Onboard 35 FLX, which is made in China.

Is Graco made in China?

Where are Graco car seats made? Graco car seats are made in China.

Is Graco American made?

At Graco, we manufacture most of our airless sprayers from supply that is virtually entirely American. The rest of Graco's airless sprayers incorporate specialized globally sourced components, such as a Honda® engine on Graco's GMAX gas sprayers, but are otherwise manufactured in the USA.

What stroller does Meghan Markle use?

Meghan Markle Loves the Bugaboo Stroller — & There's a New Model – SheKnows.

What stroller does Gigi Hadid use?

She's been spotted on numerous outings with her newborn baby girl Khai Hadid Malik using Bugaboo, a luxe Dutch stroller brand.

What pram Did Kate Middleton use?

It's official – Kate Middleton has chosen a Silver Cross buggy for her baby. “Silver Cross can confirm that The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have purchased a Silver Cross pram for Prince George,” Silver Cross' chairman, Alan Halsall told us.

Which is better 3 wheel or 4 wheel stroller?

A three-wheel stroller is a versatile option — great for jogging, activity, and it will cope better on rough ground. It will keep baby snug and give them a smooth ride. The downside, you may end up spending more and won't have as much choice. A four-wheel stroller offers stability and a bigger selection.

Why is UPPAbaby so expensive?

There are many factors that affect pricing - as a luxury baby gear brand, UPPAbaby is among the higher-priced options because of the quality of materials used, sophisticated product design, plus extended warranty and features.

Why is Nuna so expensive?

There are many factors that affect pricing - level of detail in design, quality of materials, and range of features and technology! As a premium baby gear brand, Nuna is among the higher-priced options but well worth the investment, designed to last and make your daily life with little ones as easy as possible.

When should I buy a stroller?

To summarize, buy your infant car seat by 32 weeks into pregnancy and a frame stroller sometime during the third trimester. You don't need to buy a convertible car seat or umbrella stroller (or jogging stroller) while pregnant.

What stroller folds the smallest?

With its exceptional design innovation, the lightweight gb Pockit is the world's smallest folding stroller (Guinness World Records 2014). When folded, it is the smallest and most compact stroller currently available on the market, 12" x 7" x 20" to be precise.

Is Chicco brand good?

One company that satisfies all the conditions stipulated about is Chicco, an Italian brand that sells baby products in more than 100 countries and is renowned for its top quality. Chicco brand baby products are designed for the requirements of a kid of any age.

Do I really need a full size stroller?

Only Full-Sized Stroller: If you are having more than one child and planning on them being fairly close together then you will want to consider a full stroller that is single and double modular. This will give you the benefit of growing with your family. They are often great for brisk walks as well.

Can I put my newborn in a stroller?

If you plan to use a stroller for your newborn, make sure that the stroller reclines — since newborns can't sit up or hold up their heads. Some strollers fully recline or can be used with a bassinet attachment or an infant-only car seat. Also, most jogging strollers aren't designed to recline.

Are convertible strollers worth it?

Convertibles give you options. And because they're so versatile, convertible double strollers are a great value. If you're the “getting your money's worth” type of parent, you're in the right place. On the downside, convertibles are generally big and heavy, since they ultimately have to hold 90-100 lbs.

Why is the UPPAbaby so popular?

As a premium brand, UPPAbaby products have many features and capabilities not seen on lower-priced options, and are made with superior materials designed to last for many years. Additionally, the beautiful design and contemporary details have led UPPAbaby to become a fashion statement for the trend-conscious parent.

Why does everyone have the UPPAbaby VISTA?

Maneuverability & Design

Design of Uppababy Vista is fantastic. At the first sight you can see how sturdy the stroller is and how smoothly it rides with wheel suspension. The handlebar is amazing! Extendable, sturdy, never gets stuck and it's covered with waterproof leather.

Is UPPAbaby Cruz worth it?

All-in-all, this UPPAbaby stroller is a rock-solid choice for use with one child (or two, with a stroller board) that will serve you well for years to come. We think it's best for those who don't have to haul it in and out of the trunk and for those looking for a superior ride but with an elevated, luxury look.

What is the best time to buy baby stuff?

Many expecting parents prefer to wait to buy baby stuff until they find out the gender of their baby. This generally happens between 18 and 21 weeks, but some people find out as early as 12 weeks.

What can I do with an old stroller?

Stroller. Since reusing a stroller isn't a huge safety risk (unlike a mattress or car seat), I'd recommend taking your stroller to a consignment shop or giving it away to one of your friends. Depending on the shape of your stroller, you could get a pretty penny for it!

How long are Graco strollers Good For?

10 years after the date of manufacture. 10 years after the date of manufacture. Here is a table that includes Graco booster car seat expiration dates and owners manuals. 10 years after the date of manufacture.

Do I need a double stroller for a 3 year old and newborn?

If your oldest will be four or older by the time your 2nd baby arrives, you may not even need (or want) a double stroller — or you may only need it on occasion. Outside of the weight capacity problem (usually 40-45 lbs per seat), most 4-year-olds are too big (height-wise) for many of these stroller seats.

What is the difference between Graco modes strollers?

Comparision: Graco Modes Sport vs. Original Stroller Models - YouTube

Is UPPAbaby made in China?

All UPPAbaby strollers are designed at our world headquarters in Rockland, Massachusetts, and manufactured in China under strict quality control measures.

Where are Nuna strollers made?

Nuna products are manufactured in China in an ISO 14001 certified factory, which stays current with the latest eco-friendly equipment and processes! The factory employs solar powered energy, exhaust treatment water, a recycling program, and a plastic waste and package recycling program.

Where are Chicco strollers made?

Along with Peg Perego, Chicco is one of Europe's biggest baby gear brands. One difference between the two: Chicco strollers are made in China; Peg strollers are made in Italy. Chicco's success with its KeyFit infant car seat has translated into more fans for its matching strollers.

What does Graco mean?

gracefulness {noun} graco (also: graceco, gracieco) mercy {noun}

Where is Chicco brand from?

Located in Italy, at the heart of our brand, the Chicco Research Center partners with pediatricians, midwives, ergonomists, doulas, parents and – most importantly – babies to learn about how they grow and interact with the world around them.

Where are Mockingbird strollers manufactured?

The UPPAbaby Mesa connects without an adapter. Where it's manufactured?: Both the UPPAbaby Vista and the Mockingbird stroller are made in China.

What is Graco known for?

Quality Products, Innovation and A+ Customer Service. Graco strives to be the industry's highest-quality manufacturer of fluid handling products cutting across several markets. In addition to quality, our focus on innovation results in products that lead with advanced features, pioneering design and high performance.

What other brands does Graco own?

Industrial, Manufacturing & Processing
  • Gema. A broad line of products and solutions designed for powder coating applications. ...
  • High Pressure Equipment. ...
  • QED Environmental Systems. ...
  • White Knight Fluid Handling.

Where are Evenflo strollers made?

Evenflo Company Inc. has two manufacturing facilities: one in Piqua, Ohio, and one in Tijuana, Mexico.


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