What is not covered by Honda Care & what is covered. (2022)


YOUR VEHICLE is comprised of thousands of parts, many of which are mechanical in nature, and, therefore, eligible for coverage. The following is a listing of non-mechanical and non-electrical parts and common maintenance items, which are specifically excluded from coverage. Any part(s) not excluded below are eligible for coverage in the event they experience a covered MECHANICAL or ELECTRICAL BREAKDOWN as defined in the contract.

Any parts or accessories other than genuine Honda or AMERICAN HONDA authorized parts.

Any communication, navigational or audio/video entertainment systems that become unusable or unable to function as intended due to changes in content, technology or wireless service. Damage from improper repair or update to covered components.

Frame, body mount bushings, sub frame(s), sub frame mounting bushings, primary body structure/welded assemblies, body sub seals, weather strip, or any seal preventing water intrusion, core support, header panel, grille, hood, fenders, inner fenders, doors, rear hatch, trunk lid, tailgate, spoilers, fascia, air dams, composite panels, bumpers, bumper covers, soft or hard convertible tops, all window glass, sun roof/moon roof glass, all mirror glass (except for electronic failure of the auto-dimming mirror), all rear or side view mirror housings/frames (except for heated mirror glass failure), and brackets, outside ornamentation, emblems, garnish, moldings, roof ditch moldings, bright metal, chrome trim, stainless trim, paint (except for covered hinges painted to match the original vehicle color), headlamp housings, taillight housings, side marker lamp housings, lenses, and bezels, non-LED lighting assemblies, cosmetic failure on vehicle body or structural damage.

Steering wheel, dash panel, dash pad, glove box door, floor or overhead consoles (except dome light failure), door and other interior panels, armrests, seat upholstery, seat padding, headliner, cargo covers/sun shades (except for failure of the retractor mechanism), sun visors (except for the sun visor support and vanity mirror), carpet, floor mats, any sound deadener, underlayment, insulation or water shields, in-vehicle vacuum system filters, canister bags, hoses, and attachments/accessories, door handles, window handles, buttons, knobs, boots, cup holders, gas, brake, and clutch pedal pads.

Exhaust system head pipes, mufflers, resonators, tailpipes, hangers, heat shields, gaskets (except for exhaust manifold to cylinder head gasket), and related fastening hardware.

All fuel, lubricants, coolants or other fluids, or air conditioning refrigerant unless required as part of a covered MECHANICAL or ELECTRICAL BREAKDOWN.

Fuses, wiper blades, fuel hoses, radiator hoses, heater hoses, vacuum hoses (except for those hoses with crimped fittings), spark plugs, spark plug wires, PCV valve, belts, timing belt when replaced as routine maintenance, all filters, including but not limited to oil filters, air filters, cabin filters, fuel filters, batteries (except for nickel/metal hydride, lithium ion, and polymer lithium ion batteries used in hybrid vehicles), battery cables, clutch disc, pressure plate, throw out bearing, pilot bushing/bearing, disc brake pads, disc brake rotors, brake drums, brake and parking brake shoes.

All fastening/securing hardware for non-covered parts/ components e.g., straps, nuts, bolts, studs, screws, clips, clamps, pins etc. stripped or cross threaded fasteners, and any stripped or cross threaded drain plugs.

Airbags deployed for any reason, seat belts except for the seat belt latch sensor (if YOU believe there is a defect in any of these parts, please contact YOUR HONDA DEALER immediately).

Tires, wheels, valve stems, except for electronically failed TPMS sensors, wheel covers, trim rings, center caps, wheel studs, lug nuts, wheel locks.

Alignments of any kind, wheel balancing, valve adjustments or any other adjustments, calibrations, tightening, updates, or reprogramming of any kind, unless required as part of a covered MECHANICAL or ELECTRICAL BREAKDOWN.


The following is a listing of events and circumstances that are beyond OURcontrol and, therefore, are not eligible for coverage under this CONTRACT.

Any expense(s) incurred without first receiving PRIOR AUTHORIZATION when PRIOR AUTHORIZATION is required will not be covered.

Covered parts damaged as the result of the failure of a non-coveredpart are not eligible for coverage.

Continued use of YOUR VEHICLE after a MECHANICAL or ELECTRICAL BREAKDOWN has occurred, when such use leads to consequential damage that could have been prevented by YOU.

Failure to stop driving or protect YOUR VEHICLE from further damage after the oil pressure warning light/gauge or temperature warning light/gauge indicates a problem. YOU are responsible for making surethat the oil warning light/gauge and temperature warning light/gauge are functioning before driving YOUR VEHICLE. In the event a warning light/gauge indicates a problem, safely pull YOUR VEHICLE to the side of the road and contact Roadside Assistance to have YOUR VEHICLE taken to the nearest HONDA DEALER.

Any repairs(s) where the VEHICLE's odometer has been inoperative or altered, so that it is impossible to determine the VEHICLE's actual and true mileage.

Any MECHANICAL or ELECTRICAL BREAKDOWN resulting from engine over rev, overheating, hydro lock, contaminated fluids or lubricants, improper or inadequate maintenance, lack of lubrication, run low fluid or oil condition, varnish, sludge, carbon buildup or deposits, improper programming, improper adjustments, consequential damage resulting from negligence, error, omission, improper installation/repairs, or servicing on the part of any servicing dealer, repair facility, an individual, or YOU.

Improper towing, overloading, snow plowing, wheel spin, misuse, abuse, or using the VEHICLE in any manner not recommended by AMERICAN HONDA.

Racing, competitive driving activities, drifting, modification, alteration, tampering, disconnection, or the installation of aftermarket performance parts including but not limited to: cold air intakes; strut tower braces; headers; exhaust systems; adjustable fuel rails; nitrous oxide (NOS); and/or performance/racing clutches.

Any other aftermarket part or accessory that caused or contributed to aMECHANICAL or ELECTRICAL BREAKDOWN or any structural modification that may have contributed to or caused damage to covered components.

All required or recommended maintenance services/procedures that apply to YOUR VEHICLE. Failure to maintain proper fluid levels or perform maintenance services at the proper intervals, according to therequirements of YOUR VEHICLE Owner's Manual or as otherwise specified by AMERICAN HONDA.

Failure to provide verifiable maintenance receipts/records, showing thedate and VEHICLE mileage at the time of service. Receipts/records pertaining to covered parts requiring routine maintenance, and which sustain a MECHANICAL or ELECTRICAL BREAKDOWN, may be requested in order to determine eligibility for coverage.

Damage resulting from low fluid levels, or the use of any fuels, fluids or lubricants other than those specified by AMERICAN HONDA.

Any MECHANICAL or ELECTRICAL BREAKDOWN or accidental damage resulting from environmental or external causes such as: collision; fire (regardless of the cause); theft; vandalism; war; riot; explosion; volcanic eruptions; earthquakes; storms; floods; lightning; windstorm; firestorm; hail; sand; ice; freezing; hurricanes; tornados; tsunamis; seiche waves or other acts of nature; rust; corrosion; water intrusion; water leaks; acid rain; fallout; salt; tree sap; exposure to the elements; or any other cause beyond the reasonable control of the parties.

Damage caused by vermin (e.g. mice, rats, squirrels) or any other animal, reptiles (e.g. lizards, snakes), insects, arachnids, arthropods, and fowl.

Rattles, odors, water leaks, air leaks, wind noise, vibration, deterioration, discoloration, distortion, deformation and/or fading.

Any service that is recommended pursuant to recall announcements by AMERICAN HONDA that applies to YOUR VEHICLE. MECHANICAL or ELECTRICAL BREAKDOWN of an otherwise covered part if YOU failto have the VEHICLE repaired pursuant to a notice of recall, and such repair would have prevented the MECHANICAL or ELECTRICALBREAKDOWN.

Any consequential, incidental, or financial damages, including but notlimited to: loss of use of the VEHICLE; loss of time; inconvenience; lost revenue; failure to realize expected savings; or any other economic loss of any kind.

Cleaning, polishing, normal wear or deterioration of any part. Any itemthat concerns your vehicle's general appearance, or repairs to correct cosmetic flaws of any kind.

Any repair, replacement or reimbursement covered by any warranty, limited warranty, dealer or repair facility guarantee, other service contract, or any insurance coverage.

Any VEHICLE that has ever been declared a total lossor sold for salvage by a financial institution or insurer, or that has been issued a "SALVAGE" or "BRANDED TITLE" under any state's law.

If the VEHICLE's FACTORY WARRANTY has been voided.

Any repairs performed outside the UNITED STATES or Canada.

Repairs prohibited by law or governmental authority.

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